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Dr Kirsty Lohman

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow



I joined the department in 2016 to take up a position as a Research Fellow. My main research is focused around (sub)cultural studies. In particular I draw on aspects of gender, feminism and sexuality studies in order to investigate links between identity practices and cultural practices. My work overlaps with various aspects of political action including community activism, direct action and political education. My work is interdisciplinary, speaking both to sociology but also to history: I seek to connect and contextualise the contemporary with the past and make explicit those connections and points of rupture.

Research interests

Current ResearchMy current research is on the project 'Punk, Politics and Gender in UK'. This is funded by the Leverhulme Trust's Early Career Fellowship scheme. This is an ethnographic study of feminist queer and DIY punk in the UK which seeks to analyse the mechanisms by which do-it-yourself feminist punk scenes draw on political ideas in structuring their subcultural approaches. This subculture is particularly focused on empowering those who find themselves marginalised in other subcultural spaces (particularly women, people of colour and queer people); the project thus addresses forms of grassroots political and cultural development. Various groups of punks have engaged in the work of empowerment since punk emerged the 1970s, yet face the continued issue of wider structural inequality. The research seeks to chart this work historically and the relationships (personally, politically, aesthetically) between these various generations of punks. The project will illuminate the way in which feminist punk scenes draw on the latest debates in feminist theory and feminist practice, how these ideas structure cultural activity, and how they influence further theoretical development in wider feminist movements. It thereby highlights wider relationships between cultural activity and societal and political discourse.

Past ResearchI completed my PhD at the University of Warwick in 2015. My thesis, 'Punk Lives: Contesting Boundaries in the Dutch Punk Scene' was an ethnography of the punk in the Netherlands, focused particularly on political and lifestyle choices of participants as they negotiate ageing as a punk. This research was funded by an AHRC Doctoral studentship, attached to the project 'Post-Socialist Punk: Beyond the Double Irony of Self-abasement'.

I also hold an MA in Society and Culture in the Cold War from the Department of History, University of Warwick. My MA dissertation was 'No Goals, No Future, No Hope, No Joy', this was a study of the popular experience of Punk in Eastern Europe under socialism.

I have previously worked as a Research Assistant on multiple research projects including 'Imagine: Hillfields', 'Toxic Expertise', and 'MYPLACE: Memory, Youth, Political Legacy and Civic Engagement'.


I am module leader for SOC1032 Representing Difference. I am also a dissertation supervisor.

I have previously taught SOC1026 'Qualitative Field Methods: Interviews and Ethnography', and have extensive teaching experience in areas of methods and the epistemology of sociology.

Departmental duties

Co-social secretary and Departmental ECR Representative for the Doctoral College.


British Sociological AssociationSteering Committee of the Punk Scholar's NetworkInternational Association for the Study of Popular Music (UK branch)Advisory board for the journal Punk & Post-Punk.

Conference Papers

'”No Borders”: contesting boundaries in feminist and queer DIY punk', IASPM-UK postgraduate conference, University of Surrey, upcoming October 2017.

'Dutch Punks on Tour: Connecting Communities through Subcultural Flows', keynote given to Doctoral College Conference, University of Surrey, July 2017.

'Punk and Politics from the Netherlands to the UK: An Academic journey and a personal journey' invited talk for Departmental Research Exchange, Department of Sociology, University of Surrey, December 2016.

''Anarchy in the UK' to 'Dutch Disease': Punk from Britain to The Netherlands', Britain and the World Conference, King's College, London. June 2016.

'Punks' Politics: Educative practices in subcultural circles', BSA Annual Conference. April 2016.

'Nothing Like the Rest of Holland: The Groningen Punk Scene', presented at the Punk Scholars Network, 2nd Annual Postgraduate Conference, BCU. October 2015.

'Mobility and Connections: in and beyond the Dutch punk scene', presented at Keep It Simple, Make It Fast!, University of Porto, Portugal. July 2015.

'Punks' Politics: Educating each other to resist the system', presented at Keep It Simple, Make It Fast! Summer School, University of Porto, Portugal. July 2015.

'“After doing this for so many years you want your comfort a bit”: Squatting and negotiating authenticity as an ageing punk', presented at the BSA Annual Conference. April 2014.

'Subculture (or not?): identity and inclusion in trans performance events', presented at IAS Symposium, University of Warwick, 'Subjectivity and Subculture'. Presented with Ruth Pearce. June 2013.

'Trans Music Isn't: De/constructing DIY Identity', presented at ESRC Seminar Series, University of Warwick, 'Trans as Everyday Culture'. Presented with Ruth Pearce. May 2013.

'Trans Music Isn't: De/constructing DIY Identity', presented at CSWG Graduate Seminar Series, University of Warwick. Presented with Ruth Pearce. February 2013.

'Narratives of Eastern Europe in the Netherlands' Punk Scene', presented at IASPM UK 2012 annual conference, University of Salford, 'Imagining Communities Musically: Putting Popular Music in its Place'. September 2012.

'The popular experience of Punk in Eastern Europe', presented at the University of Warwick History Department's Postgraduate Conference. May 2008.

My publications


MonographLohman, K. (forthcoming, 2017) The Connected Lives of Dutch Punks: Contesting Subcultural Boundaries, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Journal ArticlesPearce, R. and Lohman, K. (forthcoming, 2018) 'Deconstructing DIY identities in a trans music scene', Sexualities.Lohman, K. (2013) 'Dutch Punk with Eastern Connections: Mapping cultural flows between East and West Europe', Punk and Post-Punk, 2(2): 147-163.

Book ChaptersLohman, K. (forthcoming, 2018) 'Punks Against Censorship: Negotiating Acceptable Politics in Dutch Fanzine Raket', in Subcultures Network (eds) Ripped, Torn and Cut: Pop, Politics and Punk Fanzines from 1976, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Book ReviewsLohman, K. (2016)' Some of us Scream, Some of us Shout- Book Review', Punk & Post-Punk, 5.1.Lohman, K. (forthcoming, 2017) 'A European Youth Revolt: European Perspectives on Youth Protest and Social Movements in the 1980s - Book Review', Punk & Post-Punk, 6.2.