Professor Roberta Guerrina

Head of Department of Politics, Professor of Politics


My publications



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Chapters in books or special issues of journals:

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Special issue/section on “Negotiating Difference/Negotiating Rights” in The Review of International Studies. Spring 2007

Other Publications

Guerrina, R. (2014)

Guerrina, R. (2013) “What has the European Union done for Women” Eurobriefing (EuroMovement) Guerrina, R. (2013) “So, What has the European Union done for Women?” e-International Relations. Guerrina, R. (2013) "Women on the Frontline and Other Equality Matters” e-International Relations.

Guerrina, R (2012) “UNSCR 1325 in the UK”, e-International Relations.

Guerrina, R. (2012) "Who wants to have it all? ” Post-1968 Motherhood in Europe Network (AHRC Funded Project) Guerrina, R. (2012) “Birthing on the Frontline”, e-International Relations


Guerrina, R (2012) "Keynote, Gender, Ideology & the Political Economy of Austerity: The Mother War Continues..."

, School of Advanced Study, University of London. Available here.