Take a look at the programme details for Monday 14 September.

Programme details

Track A

09:00-09:10: Welcome Plenary, chaired by Liqun Chen and Ninghui Li

09:10–10:10Keynote I from Aggelos Kiayias, chaired by Steve Schneider

                    Full presentation

10:20–11:35: Database and web security, chaired by Nishanth Sastry

  • Pine: Enabling Privacy-Preserving Deep Packet Inspection on TLS with Rule-Hiding and Fast Connection Establishment
  • Bulwark: Holistic and Verified Security Monitoring of Web Protocols
  • A Practical Model for Collaborative Databases: Securely Mixing, Searching and Computing

11:35–12:50: System security I, chaired by Sotiris Moschoyiannis

13:20–13:40: IBM lunch break talk

  • Title: Discovery, analysis and exploitation of speculative execution attacks
  • Presenter: Alessandro Sorniotti – Research Staff Member at IBM Research

13:50–15:30: Network security I, chaired by Santanu Dash

15:50–17:30: Software security I, chaired by Brijesh Dongol

  • Follow the blue bird: A study on threat data published on Twitter
    • Fernando Alves, Ambrose Andongabo, Ilir Gashi, Pedro M. Ferreira and Alysson Bessani
  • Dynamic and Secure Memory Transformation in Userspace
  • Understanding the Security Risks of Docker Hub
  • DE-auth of the blue! Transparent De-authentication using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon

Track B

10:20–11:35: Formal modelling, chaired by Cristina Alcaraz

11:35–12:50: Applied cryptography I, chaired by Guomin Yang

  • Semantic Definition of Anonymity in Identity-Based Encryption and Its Relation to Indistinguishability-based Definition
  • SHECS-PIR: Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption-based Compact and Scalable Private Information Retrieval
  • Puncturable Encryption: A Generic Construction from Delegatable Fully Key-Homomorphic Encryption

13:50–15:30: Analysing attacks, chaired by Kehuan Zhang

15:50–17:30: System security II, chaired by Linzhi Jiang

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