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Section of Chronobiology

Discover the Section of Chronobiology, which is devoted to the study of all aspects of biological timing (ultradian, circadian and seasonal rhythms) in a range of models, particularly humans.

Current research

Chronobiology has been a research strength at the University of Surrey since 1978, and experts from the Section are in frequent demand for media and consultancy work.

Our current research, which has recently been published in journals such as Current Biology, eLife,  Nature Communications, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, covers the following areas:

  • Central and peripheral clock mechanisms in humans and animal models.
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying synchronisation of rhythms by light, melatonin, and food.
  • Optimisation of treatment of circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders in shift workers, blind people and the elderly.
  • Interaction between circadian rhythms, sleep, metabolism and cardiovascular function in general populations, shift workers and disease (Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and liver disease, HIV infection).
  • Chrononutrition, and circadian rhythms and sleep as a global health issue.

Supporters and partners

Our research is supported by:

  • Academy of Medical Sciences
  • EU
  • MRC
  • NIH
  • Industrial partners.

We have wide international links with a range of organisations, including:

  • Northwestern University
  • University of Aberdeen
  • University of Bath
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Groningen
  • University of Padova
  • University of São Paulo
  • University of Witwatersrand.

Meet the team

Section lead

Sara Montagnese profile image

Professor Sara Montagnese

Professor of Chronobiology and Chronobiology Section Lead

Section members 

Past staff

Dr Benita Middleton

Senior Research Fellow

Visiting research staff

Professor Rodolfo Costa

Visiting researcher

Dr Micaela Martinez

Visiting researcher

Dr Gregory Hammad

Visiting reseacher

Dr Samuel Jones

Visiting researcher

Dr Thomas Upton

Visiting researcher

Postdoctoral research fellows

Dr Cheryl Isherwood

Research Fellow

Postgraduate researchers

Roberta Bonomo profile image

Dr Roberta Bonomo

Postgraduate Research Student

Namrata Chowdhury profile image

Namrata Chowdhury

Postgraduate researcher

Débora Constantino

Postgraduate researcher

Gianluca Giusti

Postgraduate Research Student

Liza Gorbunova

Postgraduate researcher

Paul Jefcoate

Postgraduate researcher

Ameena Khan Sullivan

Postgraduate researcher

Zoe Ilona Spock profile image

Zoe Spock

Postgraduate researcher

Isaiah Joseph Ting profile image

Isaiah Joseph Ting

Postgraduate researcher

Research Assistants

Leona Takaindisa

Research assistant

Technical support

Cecile Frampas

Senior Laboratory Technician UPLC-MS (Chronobiology)

Jenny Spinks

Senior Laboratory Technician (Bioimaging & RPS)

Past Postdocs and postgraduate researchers

Alan Flanagan

Postgraduate researcher

Dr Aya Honma

Postgraduate researcher

Dr Sophie Wehrens

Postgraduate researcher