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Associate staff

Name Role
Synnove Aasen Norwegian Translation
Charis Ainslie French Translation
Antonio Da Silva Portuguese Ab Initio
Davide De Leo Italian Translation
Louisa Desilla Audiovisual Translation
Maha El-Metwally Arabic Interpreting
Isabelle Esser German Translation and Interpreting
Jennifer Hogg French Interpreting
Cecilia Lipovsek Spanish Interpreting
Khadidja Merakchi Arabic Translation
Veronica Miller Russian Ab Initio, Russian Translation
Katerina Perdikaki Audiovisual Translation, Greek Translation
Anna Ponomareva Russian Ab Initio, Russian Translation
Carla Schiavetto Portuguese Translation and Interpreting
Angela Shury-Smith Norwegian Ab Initio, Norwegian Translation
Catherine Slater French Translation
Shihong Turner Chinese Translation
Gary Tyas Spanish Translation

Postgraduate research students

Name Project title Supervisors
Demetris Bogiatzis The Use of Historiographic Metafiction in the Novel Free Spirit, a Novel Based on Nikos Kazantzakis’ Conflict with the Greek Orthodox Church.  Dimitris Asimakoulas and Paul Vlitos
Cheima Bouchrara Persuasion in Courtroom Discourse: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Closing Arguments in US Criminal Cases. Sabine Braun and Dimitris Asimakoulas
Arianna Carloni The Role of Continued Dance Training in the Reception of Audio Description. Sabine Braun and Dimitris Asimakoulas
Beatrice Carpi Systematising the analysis of songs in stage musicals for translation: a multimodal model based on themes. Ana Frankenberg-Garcia and Elena Davitti
Jaleh Delfani Non-Professional Subtitling in Iran: Process, Product, and Socio-Cultural Context. Sabine Braun and Dimitris Asimakoulas
Marta Gabrych Quality in police interpreting. Sabine Braun and Elena Davitti
Konstantina Georgiou The Translator as Reader: The case of Poetry Translations from Modern Greek into English. Dimitris Asimakoulas and Stephen Mooney
Yi Gu Building a Parallel English to Chinese Financial Corpus - Design, Analysis and Application. Ana Frankenberg, Joanna Gough and Fang Wang
Laura Martinez Translation Quality Assurance in Professional Environments: The Case of the Foreign Editions Department at Usborne Publishing.  Dimitris Asimakoulas and Lucy Bell
Khadidja Merakchi Metaphors in popular science discourse. Margaret Rogers and Sabine Braun
Rangsima Ninrat The Translation of Allusion from English into Thai Between 1960 and 2015 Ana Frankenberg-Garcia and Sabine Braun
Kim Starr Audio Description and Cognitive Diversity: a bespoke approach to facilitating access to the emotional content in multimodal narrative texts for autistic audiences. Sabine Braun and Emma Williams
Wei Zhang Remote Interpreting in Healthcare Settings. Sabine Braun and Elena Davitti
Shasha Zhang Exporting the “Real” China: Exploring Chinese National Ideologies within China-Produced TV Documentaries and their Translations.  Dimitris Asimakoulas and Sabine Braun

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