Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research - University of Surrey


Start date: 1 July 2015
End date: 30 June 2017


The University of Surrey has established the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security to consolidate, organise and promote our Cyber Security activities across the University. The Centre builds on the existing capability and resources across the University of Surrey, which has been investing in Cyber Security research as a high-priority research area since 2004. The Centre focuses on three main research directions - Privacy and Data Protection, Secure Communications, and Human-Centred Security - building on the University's strength and the background of members of the Centre. Recognition of the Centre as an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research will help in consolidating research activities that are currently carried out across three faculties, and in creating new synergies for long-term collaborative research projects on the emerging interdisciplinary challenges of Cyber Security. It will also foster the international visibility and positioning of the Centre and expand its linkage with businesses, industry research institutions, and governmental bodies.


The key objective of this research proposal is to support the activity of the proposed Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR), the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security. The objectives of the proposed Centre over the period of this funding are to support and further develop our research activities in the areas of Privacy and Data Protection, Secure Communications, and Human-Centred Security. In particular, our aims are:

  1. to consolidate and promote research activities currently carried out across the University, and to provide a focus and
    coordination for Surrey's security activity;
  2. to create new synergies internally and externally for long-term collaborative research projects in Cyber Security;
  3. to expand Surrey's linkage with businesses, industrial research institutions, and governmental bodies through enhanced
    visibility and high-profile events.


This proposal is essentially concerned with impact: the funding requested is to support activities which are intended to achieve the maximum impact for our existing and future research work. Our planned activities are specifically aimed at strong engagement with industry, government, and the general public.

Our engagement with industry will be enhanced by our Advisory Board. We have a strong network of industrial partners to draw on, and the Advisory Board will provide broad coverage across practitioners and beneficiaries. The Board will inform our planned engagement activities, and will be used to provide informed advice on the opportunities that will be most effective in achieving impact, and on our plans for specific events.

The Surrey Centre for Cyber Security has created an Applied Security Lab, to support both teaching and research, with the infrastructure being provided by the University. The Centre coordinates the use of this lab to conduct applied security research, and showcase our Cyber Security work, in the form of demonstrators, projects and prototypes. This will provide a new "one-stop-shop" environment in which to host industrial visits. It will enable focused and detailed discussions, and will support our activities in developing new collaborative links with industry and engaging in meaningful dialogue with beneficiaries of our work.




The initial composition of the Centre consists of 8 Core Members from Computing and Electronic Engineering (Institute for Communication Systems), with established track records in selected key areas of Cyber Security. Within the University there are also a further 19 Associate Members, who hold strong research expertise in areas that are strategically important in addressing interdisciplinary cyber security challenges and where existing mutual interests and potentials are likely to lead to the establishment of joint research initiatives within the proposed Centre.

In the short-term the Surrey Centre for Security will:

  • consolidate and promote its research activities,
  • establish an efficient organisation and management structure (including an Advisory Board),
  • identify new directions and bid for interdisciplinary and technology-focused cyber-security research projects,
  • establish a regular seminar series,
  • expand on its postgraduate teaching and PhD programmes,
  • refine its strategy upon the consultations with its liaison officer from GCHQ (and other governmental stakeholders).

In the medium-term the Centre will

  • actively bid for new research projects and increase its research output in high-quality publication venues,
  • engage in collaborative projects with other ACE-CSRs and our partners.


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