Take a look at the programme details for Wednesday 16 September.

Programme details

Track A

09:00–10:00Keynote III from Vadim Lyubashevsky, chaired by Liqun Chen

                    Full presentation

10:00–10:20: Best paper and ESORICS awards, chaired by Sokratis Katsikas

10:30–11:45: Network security II, chaired by Miroslaw Kutylowski

11:45–13:00: Privacy, chaired by Jinguang Han

  • Encrypt-to-self: Securely Outsourcing Storage
  • PGLP: Customizable and Rigorous Location Privacy through Policy Graph
  • Where are you Bob? Privacy-Preserving Proximity Testing with a Napping Party

13:20–13:40: IBM lunch break talk

  • Title: Vizom - A New Latin American Remote Overlay for The COVID Era.
  • Presenters: Ofir Ozer - Windows Malware Researcher at IBM Security and Chen Nahman - Security Threat Researcher at IBM Security

14:00–15:15: Password and policy, chaired by Shujun Li

15:25–15:40: Closing Plenary, chaired by Steve Schneider

Track B

10:30–11:45: Blockchain I, chaired by Cătălin Drăgan

11:45–13:00: Applied cryptography III, chaired by Mark Manulis

14:00–15:15: Blockchain II, chaired by Gregory Chockler

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