CrossFyre: The 8th international workshop on cryptography, robustness, and provably secure schemes for female young researchers

The CrossFyre workshop is aimed at bringing together females in cyber security, and helping to promote their research topics and develop the careers of women in science and engineering. For more info on this, please see the CrossFyre event page.


DAY 1   DAY 2  
Time Activity Time Activity
8:30am  -- 9:10am Registration 8:30am -- 9am Registration
9:15am -- 9:30am


9am -- 9:45am

Invited Talk --


9:30am -- 10:15am

Invited Talk --

Liqun Chen (Univ. of Surrey)

  Session 3: Hardware-oriented Security
10:20am -- 11:05am

Invited Talk --

Katy Winterborn (NCC)

09:50am -- 10:10am Hebatallah Ibrahim
11:10am -- 11:30am

Coffee break

10:15am -- 10:35am Tsvetoslava Vateva-Gurova
  Session 1: Applied Security 10:40am -- 11:00am Coffee Break
11:35am -- 11:55am Laura Shipp   Session 4: Protocols
12noon -- 12:20pm Fatma Al Moqbali 11:00am -- 11:20am Ala Faisal Darabseh
12:25pm -- 1:25pm


11:25am -- 11:45am Andreea-Ina Radu
1:30pm -- 2:15pm

Invited Talk --

Maria Naya-Plasencia (INRIA, Paris)

11:50am -- 12:35noon

Invited Talk --

Elisabeth Oswald (Univ. of Bristol)


Session 2: Symmetric Crypto

12:35noon -- 1:45pm Lunch
2:20pm -- 2:40pm Evgeniya Ishchukova 1:45pm -- 2:30pm

Invited Talk --

Chris Brzuska (Aalto University)

2:45pm -- 3:05pm

Joanne Woodage


Session 5: Lattice-based Crypto

3:10pm -- 3:30pm

Sogol Mazaheri

2:35pm - 2:55pm Martha Norberg Hovd

3:35pm -- 3:55pm

Cecile Baritel-Ruet 3:00pm - 3:20pm Nada El Kassem
4:00pm -- 4:30pm

Coffee Break

  Closing Remarks
4:30pm --5:45pm

Panel Discussions

6:30pm Dinner    


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