We are ambitious, encourage creative thinking and develop skills to equip you to thrive in the future. We are leading experts in our fields and have a wide range of specialised interest including international business and strategic management. We invite contact from prospective postgraduate research students.

Visiting staff

Name Role
Brian Allison Visiting Professor
Cath Bishop Visiting Professor
Paul Mang Visiting Professor
Mark Rhodes-Brown Visiting Professor
Simonetta Rigo Visiting Professor
Mark Saunders Visiting Professor
Peter Shaw Visiting Professor
Paul Stone Visiting Professor
Paul Tosey Visiting Fellow
Jason Whittle Visiting Fellow
Richard Williams Visiting Professor

Postgraduate research students

Name Role
Uwe Blind Postgraduate Research Student
Cassie Jones Postgraduate Research Student
William Lanham-New Postgraduate Research Student
Hua Zhang Postgraduate Research Student