We are ambitious, encourage creative thinking and develop skills to equip you to thrive in the future. We are leading experts in our fields and have a wide range of specialised interest including international business and strategic management. We invite contact from prospective postgraduate research students.

Meet the team

Head of Department

Tazeeb Rajwani profile image

Professor Tazeeb Rajwani

Professor of International Business and Strategy / Head of Department of Strategy and International Business

Academic staff

Reza Aboutalebi profile image

Dr Reza Aboutalebi

Director of MSc International Business Management and Senior Teaching Fellow in Global Strategic Management

Abdul-Razak Alhassan profile image

Dr Razak Alhassan

Senior Teaching Fellow in Strategy and International Business

Abderaouf Bouguerra profile image

Dr Abderaouf Bouguerra

Lecturer in Strategy & International Business

Juan Carluccio profile image

Dr Juan Carluccio

Reader in International Trade

Heidi Hazeu profile image

Heidi Hazeu

Director of Employability, Senior Teaching Fellow Professional Development and Employability

Thomas C. Lawton profile image

Professor Thomas Lawton

Professor of Strategy & International Business

Sun Hye Lee profile image

Dr Sun Hye Lee

Lecturer in International Business & Strategy

Benaliza Loo profile image

Dr Benaliza Loo

Teaching Fellow in Business and Management

Stelvia Matos profile image

Dr Stelvia Matos

Reader in Social Innovation Management and Sustainable Management

Laurie O'Broin profile image

Laurie O'Broin

Teaching Fellow, Programme Leader: BSc Business Management - Level 5

Ann Parchment profile image

Dr Ann Parchment

Deputy Head-Department of Strategy and International Business - Senior Teaching Fellow in Management

Hyeyoun Park profile image

Dr Hyeyoun Park

Lecturer in Strategy and International Business

Saori Sugeno profile image

Dr Saori Sugeno

Teaching Fellow in Business Studies

Filipe G Worsdell profile image

Dr Filipe Worsdell

Teaching Fellow in Business and Management

Tim Wray profile image

Tim Wray

Teaching Fellow, Director of International Business Management (UG)

Shasha Zhao profile image

Dr Shasha Zhao

Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer in International Business and Innovation

Visiting staff

Brian AllisonVisiting Professor
Cath BishopVisiting Professor
Paul MangVisiting Professor
Mark Rhodes-BrownVisiting Professor
Simonetta RigoVisiting Professor
Mark SaundersVisiting Professor
Peter ShawVisiting Professor
Paul StoneVisiting Professor
Paul ToseyVisiting Fellow
Jason WhittleVisiting Fellow
Richard WilliamsVisiting Professor

Postgraduate research students

Tao ChenPostgraduate Research Student
Rennee JayPostgraduate Research Student
Cassie JonesPostgraduate Research Student
Jonathan OttyPostgraduate Research Student