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The Leverhulme Quantum Biology Doctoral Training Centre (QB-DTC) is a joint effort of several academics in diverse disciplines all contributing their expertise in the form of supervisory teams for our quantum biology postgraduate researchers; coming from the Advanced Technology Institute, the School of Biosciences and Medicine, the Nuclear Theory group and more to provide full support.

Our team

Supervisors - University of Surrey

Jim Al-Khalili profile image

Professor Jim Al-Khalili

Distinguished Chair in Physics, Professor of Public Engagement in Science, Quantum Foundations and Technologies Research Group Leader

Jeremy Allam profile image

Professor Jeremy Allam

Professor of Ultrafast Optoelectronics

Marian Florescu profile image

Professor Marian Florescu

Professor of Physics

André Gerber profile image

Professor Andre Gerber

Professor of RNA Biology

Suzie Hingley-Wilson profile image

Dr Suzie Hingley-Wilson

Lecturer in Bacteriology

Brendan Howlin profile image

Professor Brendan Howlin

Professor of Computational Chemistry

Kamalan Jeevaratnam profile image

Professor Kamalan Jeevaratnam

Head of School of Veterinary Medicine, Professor in Clinical Physiology

Youngchan Kim profile image

Dr Youngchan Kim

Lecturer in Quantum Biology

Rebecca Lewis profile image

Dr Rebecca Lewis

Senior Lecturer in Physiology

Johnjoe McFadden profile image

Professor Johnjoe McFadden

Professor of Molecular Genetics, Associate Dean (International)

Ben Murdin profile image

Professor Benedict Murdin

Professor of Physics, Head of the Photonics and Quantum Sciences Group

Andrea Rocco profile image

Dr Andrea Rocco

Associate Professor (Reader) in Physics and Mathematical Biology

Marco Sacchi profile image

Dr Marco Sacchi

Associate Professor and Royal Society University Research Fellow in Physical and Computational Chemistry, Theme Leader in Sustainable Energy and Materials Research

Maxim Shkunov profile image

Dr Maxim Shkunov

Senior Lecturer

S. Ravi P. Silva profile image

Professor Ravi Silva

Director, Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) and Head of NanoElectronics Centre

Daniel Whelligan profile image

Dr Daniel Whelligan

Senior Lecturer in Organic/Medicinal Chemistry

Supervisors - external institutions

Jose Jimenez

Dr Jose Jimenez Zarco

Senior Lecturer in Synthetic Biology, Imperial College London

Dr Alex Jones

Principal Research Scientist - National Physical Laboratory

Dr Daniel Kattnig

Senior Lecturer - University of Exeter

Professor Alexandra Olaya-Castro

Professor of Physics - University College London

Postgraduate researchers

Federico Bertagna

Research project: Investigation of quantum coherent transport and EM field sensitivity of ion channel transport of neuronal cells

Adam Burgess profile image

Dr Adam Burgess

Research project: Non-Markovian dynamics in biomolecular complexes

Michael Clarke-Whittet profile image

Michael Clarke-Whittet

Research project: Exploring the role of noise on quantum decoherence in cellular systems

Anna Cusick

Research project: Developing bio-quantum technologies towards quantum enhanced biosensors

Ed D'Souza

Research project: Magnetosensing of the cryptochrome molecule

Nermin Ener

Research project: Measurement of proton position in DNA

George Ferguson

Research project: Vibrational coupling and non-adiabatic energy transfer in enzyme catalysis

Roisin Guthrie

Research project: Multiscale investigation on the quantum effects of photo-induced induced DNA repair

Yojana Rai profile image

Yojana Rai

Postgraduate Research Student

Alejandro Sanchez-Pedreno Jimenez profile image

Alejandro Sanchez-Pedreno Jimenez

Research project: Room temperature coherent interactions between fluorescent proteins

Aimee Sweeney profile image

Aimee Sweeney

Research project: Highly efficient photon absorption in the retina

Virginia Tsiouri

Research project: Investigation of quantum coherence in bacterial photosynthetic systems

Charlotte Vale profile image

Charlotte Vale

Research project: Quantum and drugs: Spin dynamics in an antibiotic (theory)

Cedric Vallee profile image

Cedric Vallee

Research project: Exploration of ion selectivity in the Epithelial Sodium Channel

Max Winokan profile image

Max Winokan

Research project: Computational investigations of quantum tunnelling in enzyme-catalyzed transfer reaction through quantum mechanics and molecular modelling

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