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Together we aim to develop the knowledge to address social challenges while managing business growth.

Head of Centre

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Dr Stelvia Matos

Reader in Social Innovation Management and Sustainable Management

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We have expertise in a host of research areas.

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Dr Carla Bonina

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Dr Itziar Castello Molina

Senior Lecturer in Digital Economy

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Zeineb Cox

Senior Teaching Fellow (Entrepreneurship & Management); Educational Department Lead (Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship & Innovation); PRME Lead (Principles for Responsible Management Education); Co-Director (SBS Summer School)

Irina Cojuharenco profile image

Dr Irina Cojuharenco

Reader, Founding Director of the University of Surrey Business and Economic Experiments (USBEE) Laboratory

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Professor MariaLaura Di Domenico

Director of Research & Professor (Chair) of Entrepreneurship, Work and Organization

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Professor Yu Xiong

Chair of Business Analytics; Associate Dean International; Director of Surrey Centre for Innovation and Commercialization(SCIC)

Amelia Hadfield profile image

Professor Amelia Hadfield

Dean International, Head of Department of Politics, Director of the Centre for Britain and Europe (CBE)

Yanfei Hu profile image

Dr Yanfei Hu

Lecturer in Sustainable Enterprise

Mercio Cerbaro profile image

Mercio Cerbaro

Postgraduate Research Student

Tazeeb Rajwani profile image

Professor Tazeeb Rajwani

Professor of International Business and Strategy / Head of Department of Strategy and International Business

Thomas C. Lawton profile image

Professor Thomas Lawton

Professor of Strategy & International Business

Stephen Morse profile image

Professor Stephen Morse

Chair in Systems Analysis for Sustainability

Wim Vanhaverbeke profile image

Professor Wim Vanhaverbeke

Professor of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Alexander Sarch profile image

Professor Alexander Sarch

Head of School, Professor of Legal Philosophy

Jessica Hadjis profile image

Jessica Hadjis

Postgraduate research student

Johnjoe McFadden profile image

Professor Johnjoe McFadden

Professor of Molecular Genetics, Associate Dean (International)

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Professor Monique Raats

Professor; Director of the Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Centre

External collaborators 



Professor Jeremy Hall Director, Science Policy Research Unit UK (SPRU) 
Professor Minna HalmeAalto University, Finland
Professor Stefan GoldProfessor of Sustainability Management, Kassel University, Germany 
Dr Flavio Houneroux JrUniversity of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Professor Anna LevinFaculty of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dr Tereza RazzoliniFaculty of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dr Liv SeverinoThe Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA), Brazil
Professor Bruno SilvestreUniversity of Manitoba, Canada
Dr Milton SousaAssociate Professor, University of Fortaleza, Brazil
Professor Susana Pereira Director Centre for Innovation, Foundation Getulio Vargas, Brazil 
Professor Suzana BorschiverSchool of Chemistry, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lorena Rocha AssuncaoPhD candidate,  Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil