Department of Tourism and Transport

The Department of Tourism and Events has an outstanding global reputation for teaching and impactful research.


Our Department has a strong focus on forward-thinking ideas and innovation. With exceptional industry connections, our team is dedicated to delivering research that engages with current challenges in the tourism and transport sector. Our research themes include: 

  • Autonomous vehicles and aviation
  • Destination management and marketing
  • Smart tourism and big data
  • Sustainable tourism and climate change
  • Tourism economics and forecasting

Covid-19 research in hospitality and tourism

Our research aims to understand the needs and requirements of businesses and travellers to be able to return to a new normality when it comes to travelling and the prosperity of businesses.

Our staff

Academic staff

Jason Chen profile image

Dr Jason Chen

Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events Management

Scott Cohen profile image

Professor Scott Cohen

Professor of Tourism and Transport, School Director of Research

Xavier Font profile image

Professor Xavier Font

Professor of Sustainability Marketing

Alkmini Gkritzali profile image

Dr Alkmini Gkritzali

Senior Lecturer in Tourism

Albert Kimbu profile image

Dr Albert Kimbu

Reader, Head of Department of Tourism and Transport

Kerstine Lawley profile image

Kerstine Lawley

Director of Learning and Teaching (SHTM) Senior Teaching Fellow

Gang Li profile image

Professor Gang Li

Professor of Tourism Economics, Director of International Relations, Director of the Centre for Competitiveness of the Visitor Economy

Frankie O'Connell profile image

Dr Frankie O'Connell

Reader in Air Transport Management

Manuel Alector Ribeiro profile image

Dr Alector Ribeiro

Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management

Caroline Scarles profile image

Professor Caroline Scarles

Professor of Technology in Society, Director of Centre of Digital Transformation in the Visitor Economy

Maltika Siripis profile image

Dr Maltika Siripis

Teaching Fellow

Brigitte Stangl profile image

Dr Brigitte Stangl

Senior Lecturer in Tourism

Nikolas Thomopoulos profile image

Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos

Senior Lecturer in Transport

Allan Williams profile image

Professor Allan Williams

Chair in Tourism and Mobility Studies

Anke Winchenbach profile image

Anke Winchenbach

Teaching Fellow and PhD Researcher

Emeritus staff

John Tribe profile image

Professor John Tribe

Professor of Tourism

Postgraduate research students

Gloria Crabolu profile image

Gloria Crabolu

PhD Researcher

Xiaoying (Eden) Jiao profile image

Eden Jiao

PhD researcher

Minhee Jung profile image

Minhee Jung

PhD Researcher

Erin Chao Ling profile image

Erin Ling

PhD Researcher

Tassya Putho profile image

Tassya Putho

PhD Student

Placeholder image for staff profiles

Harald Rice

PhD Student

Lauren Siegel profile image

Lauren Siegel

PhD Researcher

Whitney Smith profile image

Whitney Smith

PhD Student

Anke Winchenbach profile image

Anke Winchenbach

Teaching Fellow and PhD Researcher

Weizheng Zhang profile image

Weizheng Zhang

PhD Researcher