Centres and groups

Digitalhealth@surrey is a cross disciplinary network of researchers from centres and groups across the University. 

Digital health and data science

A medical health professional is holding tablet, graphics are emerging from the screen the demonstrate a medical concept.

Digital technology is changing the way that illnesses in humans and animals and humans are diagnosed, monitored, prevented, treated and experienced. Researchers in this group gather new data insights to advance diagnostics, treatment and care, and explore how technology can be used to improve healthcare access and delivery.

Contact: Dr Jo Armes

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Advanced Technology Institute (ATI)

The Advanced Technology Institute building from the outside

The ATI is a world-leading research centre which brings together researchers with an international outlook in quantum information, nanotechnology, energy and advanced materials.

Contact: Professor Ravi Silva

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Brain and Behaviour research group (School of Psychology)

A transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) coil being demonstrated on a Styrofoam head.

The Brain and Behaviour research group within Surrey’s School of Psychology explores multiple aspects of cognition and behaviour across the lifespan in both non-clinical and clinical populations.

Contact: Professor Bertram Opitz

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Centre for Biomedical Engineering

Person wearing gloves holding some ball milling

The Centre for Biomedical Engineering aims to apply engineering and technology to problems in medicine and biology, from the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of disease to a better understanding of the way the body works.

Contact: Professor Mike Hughes

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Centre for Digital Economy (CoDE)

A graph on a black background

The digital economy changes how we work, how we compete, how we organise and how we innovate. CoDE drives forward joint projects to leverage the opportunities created by the digital economy to enhance society and enrich human life.

Contact: Professor Annabelle Gawer

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Centre for Mathematical and Computational Biology (CMCB)

Data on a computer screen

CMCB is a multidisciplinary centre bringing together researchers who develop and deploy mathematical and computational methods to advance research and practical applications in the life sciences and medicine.

Contact: cmcb_leadership@surrey.ac.uk

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Centre for Research in Social Simulation (CRESS)

A city at night lit up with lots of people walking around

CRESS is a multidisciplinary centre bringing together the social sciences, software engineering and agent-based computing to promote and support the use of social simulation in research in the human sciences.

Contact: Professor Nigel Gilbert

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Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP)


CVSSP’s vision is to create machines that can see and hear to understand the world around them, enabling AI applications for the benefit of society. Research in CVSSP has led to pioneering technology and award-winning spin-out companies in the biometric, communication, medical and creative industries.

Contact: Professor Adrian Hilton

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Digital World Research Centre (DWRC)


The Digital World Research Centre (DWRC) conducts interdisciplinary research into new media platforms, content and experiences, and strives to commercialise and apply the findings of this research for the benefit of society.

Contact: Professor David Frohlich

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Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Centre

Lady reading health information on a packet of food in the supermarket

The Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Centre integrates biological knowledge of food safety, diet and health with understanding about consumer behaviour to facilitate the improvement of people’s lives.

Contact: Professor Monique Raats

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Health Psychology research Group

Human head profile outlined by thread

The Health Psychology research Group investigates four key research areas: health behaviour and behaviour change; risk appreciation; governance and policy processes; and chronic conditions and health, stress and fatigue.

Contact: Professor Jane Ogden

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Institute for Communication Systems (ICS) and 5G/6G Innovation Centre (5G/6GIC)

Visualisation of a 5g network in a city

The ICS is the UK's largest and most well-known academic research centre in mobile and satellite communication systems and home to 5G/6GIC which brings together leading academics and key industry partners to help define and develop the next generation communication network.

Contact: Professor Rahim Tafazolli

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Radiation and Medical Physics group

Man working on computer

The Radiation and Medical Physics Group uses its strong expertise in applied radiation physics to explore the fundamental properties and interactions of radiation in a range of medical and industrial applications, with a particular focus on nuclear security.

Contact: Giuseppe Schettino

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Surrey Blockchain

Blue link chains

Surrey Blockchain is an interdisciplinary research hub across the University of Surrey which focuses on fusing blockchain with artificial intelligence technologies, bringing innovative solutions in areas such as digital records, healthcare and online trust and identity.

Contact: Professor John Collomosse

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Surrey Clinical Trials Unit (SCTU) and Surrey Clinical Research Facility (SCRF)

A female member of staff in the cryostorage lab

SCTU and SCRF focus on academically-led clinical trials and studies to support high quality research outputs and impact cases.

Contact: Professor Simon Skene

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Surrey Health Economics Centre (SHEC)

Building with graphs superimposed on it

SHEC undertakes interdisciplinary research in the fields of health economics and health service delivery, collaborating with academic, NHS and private sector partners across the UK and internationally.

Contact: Professor Heather Gage

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Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC)

A woman participating in a sleep study

SSRC brings forward-thinking multidisciplinary approaches to pre-clinical and clinical sleep research, using a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to monitor, record and analyse sleep patterns and sleep disorders.

Contact: Dr Ciro della Monica

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Veterinary Health Innovation Engine (vHive)

animal halth

vHive, situated in Surrey’s School of Veterinary Medicine, is an innovation hub made up of both academic and commercial experts dedicated to developing and adopting new digital technologies in animal health.

Contact: Professor Alasdair Cook

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One Health European Joint Programme (EJP)

Woman wearing a PPE mask bent down petting her dog

One Health EJP is a landmark EU partnership between 37 partners including food, veterinary and medical laboratories and institutes in Europe and the Med-Vet-Net Association. Surrey is responsible for the education and training activities and communications for One Health EJP.

Contact: Dr Piyali Basu

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