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Our Centre is staffed by experts from Surrey Business School, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, School of Literature and Languages, Sociology Department, Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity, Surrey Institute of Education and the Employability and Careers Centre.

Our team


Ying Zhou profile image

Professor Ying Zhou

Director of the Future of Work Research Centre

Shi (Tracy) Xu profile image

Dr Tracy Xu

Co-Director of the Future of Work Research Centre

Samuel Aryee profile image

Professor Samuel Aryee

Deputy Director of the Future of Work Research Centre

Irina Cojuharenco profile image

Dr Irina Cojuharenco

Strategic Partnerships Manager and Director of the USBEE Lab


Debbie Burns-Pegler

Lecturer in Business & Employment Law

Constantin Ciachir profile image

Dr Constantin Ciachir

Executive Director for Postgraduate Programmes, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

Stephen Dale profile image

Stephen Dale

Deputy Head of Department for People and Organisations. Senior Lecturer in Law.

MariaLaura Di Domenico profile image

Professor MariaLaura Di Domenico

Director of Research & Professor (Chair) of Entrepreneurship, Work and Organization

Doris Dippold profile image

Dr Doris Dippold

Senior Lecturer in Intercultural Communication

Frances Gow

Head of Employability and Careers, Surrey University

Cecile Guillaume profile image

Dr Cecile Guillaume

Reader in Work, Employment and Organisation Studies and SBS Director of internationalisation

YingFei Héliot profile image

Dr YingFei Heliot

Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour

Yuanyuan Huo profile image

Dr Yuanyuan Huo

Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Management

Erin Chao Ling profile image

Dr Erin Ling

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

Rose Martin profile image

Dr Rose Martin

Lecturer in Organisational Psychology

Constantin Orasan profile image

Professor Constantin Orasan

Professor of Language and Translation Technologies

Glenn Parry profile image

Professor Glenn Parry

Professor of Digital Transformation; Head, Department of Digital Economy Entrepreneurship and Innovation; CoDirector DECaDE: EPSRC Centre for the Decentralised Digital Economy

Dr Hamid Roodbari

Lecturer in People and Organisations

Eugene Sadler-Smith profile image

Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith

Professor of Organizational Behaviour

Michelle Stokes

Senior Lecturer, Programme Director MSc Human Resource Management

Nikolas Thomopoulos profile image

Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos

Associate Professor in Transport

Jill Timms profile image

Dr Jill Timms

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Dr Christopher Trace profile image

Christopher Trace

Head of Digital Learning

Iis Tussyadiah profile image

Professor Iis Tussyadiah

Professor and Head of School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Gintare Visockaite profile image

Gintare Visockaite

Lecturer in Organisational Psychology

Wenqi Wei profile image

Dr Wenqi Wei

Lecturer in Hospitality Management

Anke Winchenbach profile image

Dr Anke Winchenbach

Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Transport

Naomi Winstone profile image

Professor Naomi Winstone

Professor of Educational Psychology, Director of the Surrey Institute of Education

Carol Woodhams profile image

Professor Carol Woodhams

Professor of Human Resource Management

Yuyan Zheng profile image

Dr Yuyan Zheng

Senior Lecturer in Organisation Psychology/Organisation Studies

Félix do Carmo profile image

Dr Felix do Carmo

Senior Lecturer in Translation and Natural Language Processing

Affiliated members

Johnny Gifford

Jonny Gifford

Senior Advisor for Organisational Behaviour at the CIPD

Dr Golo Henseke

Dr Golo Henseke

Associate Professor (Applied Economist), University College London

Agnes Parent Thirion

Agnès Parent-Thirion

Senior Manager at Eurofound

Magdalena Soffia

Dr Magdalena Soffia

Work and Well-being Analyst at What Works Centre for Well-being

Nadia Steiber

Professor Nadia Steiber

Professor for Social Structure Research and Quantitative Methods

Vurain Tabvuma

Vurain Tabvuma

Associate Professor, Saint Mary's University

Mark Williams

Professor Mark Williams

Professor of Human Resource Management

Chia-Huei Wu

Professor Chiahuei Wu

Chair in Organisational Psychology

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