Dr Esteban Jaimovich

Reader in Economics
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Office hours: Thu 11:00 - 13:00



I completed my PhD in Economics at UCL in 2007. I joined the University of Surrey as Senior Lecturer in 2012, after having spent five yeas in Collegio Carlo Alberto (Turin) as Assistant Professor. My research mainly focuses on poverty persistence, lack of sustained long-run growth and international trade.

Research interests

Development Economics, Economic Growth, International Economics.


  • Topics in Development Economics (ECOM44)
  • International Finance and Developing Economies (ECOM029)

My publications


"Adverse Selection and Entrepreneurship in a Model of Development", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, vol. 112 (1), March 2010.

"Sectoral Differentiation, Allocation of Talent, and Financial Development", Journal of Development Economics, vol. 96 (1), September 2011.

"Quality Ladders in a Ricardian Model of Trade with Nonhomothetic Preferences", with Vincenzo Merella, Journal of the European Economic Association, vol. 10 (4), August 2012.

"Migration, Remittances and Capital Accumulation: Evidence from Rural Mexico", with Vera Chiodi and Gabriel Montes-Rojas, Journal of Development Studies, vol. 48 (8), August 2012.

"Import Diversification along the Growth Path", Economics Letters, vol. 117 (1), October 2012.

"Excessive Public Employment and Rent-Seeking Traps", with Juan Pablo Rud, Journal of Development Economics, vol. 106, January 2014.

"Love for Quality, Comparative Advantage, and Trade", with Vincenzo Merella, Journal of International Economics, vol. 97 (2), November 2015.

"Small is Beautiful: Motivational Allocation in the Non-Profit Sector", with Gani Aldashev and Thierry Verdier, Journal of the European Economic Association, vol. 16 (3), June 2018.