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Academic staff

Robert Dorey profile image

Professor Robert Dorey

Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences

Daniel Abasolo profile image

Dr Daniel Abasolo

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering

Mark Baker profile image

Dr Mark Baker

Reader in Surface Science and Engineering

David Birch profile image

Dr David Birch

Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering; Head of Centre for Aerodynamics & Environmental Flow

Matteo Carpentieri profile image

Dr Matteo Carpentieri

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Fluid Mechanics

John Chew profile image

Professor John Chew

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Francesco Ciampa profile image

Dr Francesco Ciampa

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Structural Integrity and Composites

Srdjan Cirovic profile image

Dr Srdjan Cirovic

Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering

Andrew Crocombe profile image

Professor Andrew Crocombe

Professor of Structural Mechanics

John Doherty profile image

John Doherty

Reader in Vehicle Engineering

Saber Fallah profile image

Dr Saber Fallah

Senior Lecturer in Vehicle and Mechatronic Systems

Charlotte Foreman profile image

Charlotte Foreman

Senior Teaching Fellow, Director of Learning and Teaching for Mechanical Engineering Sciences

Patrick Gruber profile image

Professor Patrick Gruber

Professor in Advanced Vehicle Systems Engineering

Ahu Ece Hartavi Karci profile image

Dr Ahu Ece Hartavi Karci

Senior Lecturer in Automotive Engineering

Mary Hilditch profile image

Dr Mary Hilditch

Senior Teaching Fellow Mechanical Engineering Sciences

Nicholas Hills profile image

Professor Nicholas Hills

Professor of Computational Engineering

Michael Hughes profile image

Professor Michael Hughes

Director, Centre for Biomedical Engineering. Examinations Officer, Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences

Giovanni Iacobello profile image

Dr Giovanni Iacobello

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Sciences

Catherine Jones profile image

Catherine Jones

Teaching Fellow

Fatima Labeed profile image

Dr Fatima Labeed

Senior Lecturer in Human Biology

Constantina (Tina) Lekakou profile image

Professor Constantina Lekakou

Professor in Energy, Multiphase and Multifunctional Materials and Devices

Eric Lo profile image

Dr Eric Lo

Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering

Simão Marques profile image

Dr Simao Marques

Senior Lecturer

Umberto Montanaro profile image

Dr Umberto Montanaro

Lecturer in Systems and Control for Automotive Engineering

Stephen Ogin profile image

Professor Stephen Ogin

Professor of Composite Materials and Smart Systems

Matthew Oldfield profile image

Dr Matthew Oldfield

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Michael J Pekris profile image

Dr Michael Pekris

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Sciences

Marco Placidi (He/Him) profile image

Dr Marco Placidi

Senior Lecturer in Experimental Fluid Mechanics

Alan Robins profile image

Professor Alan Robins

Professor of Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Robert Siddall profile image

Dr Robert Siddall

Lecturer in Robotics

Paul Smith profile image

Professor Paul Smith

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Executive Dean (FEPS)

Aldo Sorniotti profile image

Professor Aldo Sorniotti

Professor in Advanced Vehicle Engineering

Tan Sui profile image

Dr Tan Sui

Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering

Davide Tavernini profile image

Dr Davide Tavernini

Lecturer in Advanced Vehicle Engineering

Guohong Tian profile image

Dr Guohong Tian

Senior Lecturer in Automotive Engineering

Andrew Viquerat profile image

Dr Andrew Viquerat

Senior Lecturer in Structural Mechanics

John F Watts profile image

Professor John Watts

Professor of Materials Science

Mark J. Whiting profile image

Dr Mark Whiting

Senior Lecturer in Metallic Materials, Director of the MSc in Advanced Materials

Wei Xu profile image

Dr Wei Xu

Senior Lecturer

Julie Yeomans profile image

Professor Julie Yeomans

Professor of Ceramic Materials, Associate Dean (Research and Innovation)

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