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Konstanze Hild

Research Fellow



Currently working as a project facilitator helping researchers to develop new techniques to address to antimicrobial resistance challenge. Also working as a teaching fellow in the physics department.

From January 2011 working as a Research Fellow on the optical characterisation of bismuth containing semiconductors. Applications for this range from more temperature sensitive telecommunications lasers to novel solar cell designs.

Recently also getting involved into research of solid state lighting, not only from the technology side but also with respect to the human response.

2005-2008 Research Assistant (University of Surrey) working on GaAsSb based lasers for emission at 1.3 microns.

2000-2003 University of Surrey. The PhD work (Surrey 2003) concerned the spectroscopy (photomodulated reflectance) and device measurements of Resonant Cavity LEDs emitting at 650nm.

1994-2000 Universität Dortmund. Working on the spectroscopy of single excitonic states in II-VI semiconductor structures for the Diplom obtained in January 2000.

Research interests

Improving the performance of LEDs and lasers.

Influence of light on humans.

New ways of addressing the antimicrobial resistance challenge.


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