Dr Laura Tugwell

PhD Student

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School of Veterinary Medicine.


My research project



Brugman V A, England M E, Stoner J, Tugwell L, Harrup L E, Wilson A J, Medlock J M, Logan J G, Fooks A R, Mertens P P C, Johnson N, Carpenter (2017) How often do mosquitoes bite humans in southern England? A standardised summer trial at four sites reveals spatial, temporal and site-related variation in biting rates
Parasites and Vectors 10 (1), 420 Publisher’s version: 
Sanders C J, Harrup L E, Tugwell L A, Brugman V A, England M, Carpenter S (2017) Quantification of within- and between-farm dispersal of Culicoides biting midges using an immunomarking technique
Journal of Applied Ecology 54 (5), 1429-1439 Publisher’s version: