School of Veterinary Medicine

People in the School of Veterinary Medicine

Academic staff 

Ilknur Aktan Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Anatomy
Caroline Argo Acting Head of Veterinary Education and Head of Department for Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Barbara Bacci Senior Teaching Fellow
Martha Betson Lecturer in Veterinary Parasitology
Jonathan Betts Research Fellow
Stuart Carmichael Professor of Veterinary Sciences
Mike Cathcart Senior Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Clinical Practice (Equine)
Mark Chambers Professor of Veterinary Bacteriology
Stella Chapman Teaching Fellow in Animal Welfare and Behaviour; Resident in Animal Welfare, Ethics and Legislation
Peter Cockcroft Head of Veterinary Education
Alasdair Cook Head of Department of Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health
Augusto Coppi Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy
Victor Del Rio Vilas Lecturer in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Ingrid den Uijl Lecturer in Animal Health Surveillance
Chris Fellows Research Fellow in Cartilage Biology (Proteomic Biomarkers)
Constanza Gomez Alvarez Head of the Veterinary Biomechanics Laboratory
Sara Healy Teaching Fellow in Animal Husbandry
Karen Hiestand Teaching Fellow Small Animal Studies
Teresa Hollands Senior Teaching Fellow in Nutrition
Dan Horton Lecturer in Veterinary Virology
Alexander Humphries Research Fellow in Animal Biomechanics
Kamalan Jeevaratnam Programme Director BVMSci and Head of Department of Pre-clinical Animal Science & Veterinary Pre-Clinical Sciences
Matt Jones Director of Clinical Education
Henrietta Kodilinye-Sims Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Clinical Practice (Production Species)
Roberto La Ragione Professor of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology, Head of the Department of Pathology and Infectious Diseases, Director of the Veterinary Pathology Centre, President of the Med-Vet-Net Association
Joy Leng Research Assistant
Rebecca Lewis Lecturer in Physiology
Gianni Lo Iacono Lecturer in Biostatistics/Epidemiology
Peter McCormick  
Ali Mobasheri Professor of Musculoskeletal Physiology 
Jaya Nemchand KTP Associate at The Whiteley Clinic
Chris Palgrave Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology
Sharmini Paramasivam Teaching Fellow, Veterinary Training Coordinator
Sue Phillips Teaching Fellow in Small Animal Studies
Chris Proudman Professor and Head of School of Veterinary Medicine
Helen Quasnichka Research Fellow (Cartilage Biology)
Bridget Roberts Clinical Skills Manager
Clare Rusbridge Reader in Veterinary Neurology
Ioannis Sakaridis Lecturer in Veterinary Public Health
F. Javier Salguero Reader in Comparative Pathology
Falko Steinbach Professor of Veterinary Immunology
Alan Stevens Research Fellow in Veterinary Pathology
Alex Stoll  
Chris Trace E-learning and Module Co-ordinator
Arnoud van Vliet Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Microbiology
Sarah Wolfensohn Professor of Animal Welfare