Find out more about our staff in the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Meet the team

Head of School

Kamalan Jeevaratnam profile image

Professor Kamalan Jeevaratnam

Head of School of Veterinary Medicine, Associate Dean International FHMS, Head of Department (Veterinary Preclinical Sciences), Reader in Clinical Physiology

Academic staff

Ilknur Aktan profile image

Dr Ilknur Aktan

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy

Sarhad Alnajjar profile image

Dr Sarhad Alnajjar

Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology

Susan K. Armstrong profile image

Susan Armstrong

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Research

Amin Asfor profile image

Dr Amin Asfor

Lecturer in Virology and Immunology

Dr Emily Auger

Lecturer in Professional Skills

Professor Nick Bacon

Professor of Surgical Oncology

Christopher Basu profile image

Dr Christopher Basu

Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy

Martha Betson profile image

Dr Martha Betson

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Parasitology and Head of Section

Hannah Bolland profile image

Dr Hannah Bolland

Surrey Future Fellow

Mark Chambers profile image

Professor Mark Chambers

Professor of Microbiology and Disease Intervention, Head of Section and Animal & Plant Biology

Umer Chaudhry profile image

Dr Umer Chaudhry

Research Fellow - Molecular Parasitology

Peter Cockcroft profile image

Professor Peter Cockcroft

Head of Veterinary Education

Francesca Marie Contadini profile image

Dr Francesca Marie Contadini

Lecturer in Veterinary Public Health

Alasdair Cook profile image

Professor Alasdair Cook

Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health

Dr Alissa Cooper

Lecturer in Equine Clinical Practice (Maternity Cover)

Olukayode Daramola profile image

Dr Olukayode Daramola

Lecturer in Veterinary Sciences and Education

Hannah Davies

Veterinary Clinical Teaching Fellow

Iñaki Deza-Cruz profile image

Dr Inaki Deza-Cruz

Lecturer in Veterinary Public Health

Anjan Dutta profile image

Dr Anjan Dutta

Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Dr Charlotte Edling

Research Officer (Molecular Biology)

Dr Megan Edwards

Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Practice

Abel B. Ekiri profile image

Dr Abel Bulamu Ekiri

Lecturer in Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Kate English profile image

Kate English

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Noel Fitzpatrick profile image

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

Professor of Veterinary Orthopaedics

Dr Anita Wen Guo

Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Practice

Dr Anita Wen Guo

Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Practice

Alison Harvey profile image

Dr Alison Harvey

Teaching Fellow in Equine Clinical Practice (Equine Lead)

Martin Hawes profile image

Dr Martin Hawes

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Dr Hayley Hickling-Peters

Lecturer in Production Animal Medicine

Lisa Holbrook profile image

Dr Lisa Holbrook

Lecturer One Health-One Medicine (Non-Communicable Disease)

Teresa Hollands profile image

Dr Teresa Hollands

Senior Lecturer (Veterinary Nutrition)

Dan Horton profile image

Professor Daniel Horton

Associate Dean Research and Innovation (FHMS), Professor of Veterinary Virology

Lucy Jerram profile image

Lucy Jerram

Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Henrietta Kodilinye-Sims profile image

Henri Kodilinye-Sims

Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Clinical Practice (Production Species)

Roberto La Ragione profile image

Professor Roberto La Ragione

Professor of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology, Head of the School of Biosciences

Rob Lawrence profile image

Robert Lawrence

Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Practice

Dr Diane Lee

Research Fellow B in Infectious Diseases

Dr Holly Lenaghan

Lecturer in Equine Practice

Joy Leng profile image

Dr Joy Leng

Research Fellow

Rebecca Lewis profile image

Dr Rebecca Lewis

Senior Lecturer in Physiology

Esther Lingard

Teaching Fellow in Small Animal Medicine

Gianni Lo Iacono profile image

Dr Giovanni Lo Iacono

Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics/Epidemiology

Huijun Long

Research Fellow in Molecular Microbiology

Dr Charlotte Maile

Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Denise Marston profile image

Dr Denise Marston

Lecturer (Veterinary Virology and One Health)

Charlotte McCarroll profile image

Dr Charlotte Sophia McCarroll

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Preclinical Sciences and Education

Shona McIntyre profile image

Shona Louise McIntyre

Head of Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences; Associate Professor, small animal medicine

Dr Jai Mehat

Lecturer (B) in Molecular Bacteriology

Karen Moore

Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Practice

Karen Moore

Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Practice

Neerja Muncaster

Veterinary Clinical Teaching Fellow

Giovanna Nalesso profile image

Dr Giovanna Nalesso

Senior Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Biology, Director of Research, School of Veterinary Medicine

Cecilia Nettleton

Veterinary Clinical Teaching Fellow / Deputy Head of Partnerships and Animal Resources

Oluwole O. Oni profile image

Dr Oluwole Oni

Lecturer in Intensive Animal Health and Production

Professor Mark Pallen

Vice-Chancellor's Fellow; Consultant Medical Microbiologist

Sharmini Julita Paramasivam profile image

Dr Sharmini Julita Paramasivam

Teaching Fellow, Veterinary Training Coordinator

Aurore Poirier profile image

Dr Aurore Poirier

Research Fellow B in Molecular Microbiology and Science Communication Officer

Dr Paul Pollard

Associate Professor & Director of Clinical Training

Jen Porter profile image

Jennifer Porter

Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Practice

Joaquin M. Prada profile image

Dr Joaquin Prada

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology

Chris Proudman profile image

Professor Christopher Proudman

Professor of Veterinary Clinical Science

Emma Robertson profile image

Emma Robertson

Lecturer B in Veterinary Clinical Practice

Issa Robson (she/her) profile image

Dr Issa Robson

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Prctice

Sian Rosser

Veterinary Clinical Teaching Fellow (small animal)

Clare Rusbridge profile image

Professor Clare Rusbridge

Professor in Veterinary Neurology

Priya Sharp profile image

Priya Sharp

Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Clinical Skills

Lilly Shepherd

Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Practice

Lilly Shepherd

Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Practice

Dr Ioannis Smyrnias

Lecturer in Molecular and Cellular Sciences

Dr Ioannis Smyrnias

Lecturer in Molecular and Cellular Sciences

Luisa Soares profile image

Luisa Soares

Lecturer in Production Animal Medicine

Falko Steinbach profile image

Professor Falko Steinbach

Professor of Veterinary Immunology

Dynatra Subasinghe profile image

Dr Dynatra Subasinghe

Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Clinical Practice, Program Leader/Program Director Clinical years (BVMSci Program)

Emma Tallini profile image

Emma Tallini

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Practice

Damian Valle profile image

Damian Valle

Veterinary Clinical Teaching Fellow

Andrew Wales profile image

Dr Andrew Wales

Research Fellow

Anthony Whetton profile image

Professor Tony Whetton

Professor of Translational Biosystems

Sarah Wolfensohn profile image

Professor Sarah Wolfensohn

Professor of Animal Welfare

Arnoud van Vliet profile image

Dr Arnoud van Vliet

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Microbiology

Postgraduate researchers

James Adams profile image

James Adams

Postgraduate Research Student

Mahbod Entezami profile image

Mahbod Entezami

Postgraduate Research Student

Francisco Evangelista profile image

Francisco Evangelista

Postgraduate Research Student

Sara Healy profile image

Sara Healy

Postgraduate Research Student

Bonn Lee profile image

Bonn Lee

Postgraduate Research Student

Mia Mohammed

Postgraduate Research Student

Jenny Routh profile image

Dr Jenny Routh

Postgraduate Researcher (PhD candidate)

Rahme Nese Safakli profile image

Rahme Safakli

Postgraduate Research Student

Emma Taylor profile image

Dr Emma Taylor

Surrey Future Fellow

Jack Whitehouse profile image

Jack Whitehouse

Postgraduate Research Student

Visiting staff

Dr Umer Chaudhry

Visiting Lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Dr Huijun Long

Visiting Research Fellow in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Professional and Technical Service Staff

  • Claire Gotto - Director of Veterinary Partnerships
  • Sophie Mitchell – Acting Director of Veterinary Partnerships
  • Jessica   Atkinson-Brown - Veterinary Partnerships Manager
  • Claire Gunner – PA to Head of School
  • Sarah Scull – School Administrator and PA to Head of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
  • Rachel Broughton – School Administrator and PA to Head of Comparative Biomedical Sciences
  • Jae Kingswell – Pathology Case Coordinator
  • Charlotte Harmer – Receptionist and Faculty Admin
  • Jonathan Cooper -Technical Services Manager
  • Kate Reid - Senior Laboratory Technician
  • Amelia Stubbs Senior Laboratory Technician
  • Kamran Quereshi - Laboratory Technician
  • Chloe Tait - Laboratory Technician
  • Maria Mahon - Senior Clinical Skills Technician
  • Sophie Turner - Clinical Skills Technician
  • Nate Doble - Clinical Skills Technician
  • Clare Casey-Simmons - Large Animal Clinical Skills Manager
  • Anna Ware - Large Animal Technician
  • Emma  Leete - Large Animal Technician
  • Tom Hussey - Post Mortem Manager
  • Ollie  Lonsdale - Senior Pathology Technician
  • Nicholas Hudson - Senior Pathology Technician
  • Katy Walker - Pathology Laboratory Manager
  • Ella May - Senior Histology Technician
  • Emily Tubb - Senior Anatomy Technician
  • Michael Chaplin - Senior Anatomy Technician
  • Luc Leake - Assistant Anatomy Technician
  • Lindsay Maguraushe - Assistant Anatomy Technician
  • Ian Oliver - Assistant Anatomy Technician