Find out more about our staff in the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Academic staff

Visiting staff

Name Role
Mohamed Ahmed Visiting Research Fellow
Mark Atkins Visiting Senior Fellow
Stuart Carmichael Visiting Professor
Javier Castillo-Olivares Visiting Reader
Karan Chadda Visiting Researcher
Rebecca Daines Visiting Researcher
Karin Darpel Visiting Lecturer
Silvana Di Palma Visiting Professor
Matt Dobbs  Visiting Fellow
Andy Durham Visiting Professor
Escalona Ebony Visiting Lecturer 
Mark Evans Visiting Lecturer
Talal Fazmin Visiting Researcher
Nigel French Visiting Professor
Alfredo Garcia Sanchez Visiting Researcher
Vini Henriques Visiting Worker
Mike Hornsey Visiting Researcher
Nicholas Johnson Visiting Reader
Theo Kanellos Visiting Professor
Alan Kelly Visiting Professor
Benjamin Kennedy Visiting Researcher
Alastair MacMillan Visiting Professor
Jai Mehat Visiting Researcher
Jo Millington Visiting Researcher
Diane Newell Visiting Professor
Emma Rayner Visiting Fellow
Elizabeth Royall Visiting Researcher 
San Sunkaraneni Visiting Senior Fellow
Bernardo Villarreal-Ramos Visiting Fellow
Mark Whiteley Visiting Professor
Martin Woodward Visiting Professor
James Yeates Visiting Fellow