Professor Ann Gallagher

Professor Ann Gallagher

Professor of Ethics and Care, Lead for Ethics in Integrated Healthcare, Director of the International Care Ethics (ICE) Observatory

Academic and research departments

The International Care Ethics (ICE) Observatory.



Ann Gallagher is Professor of Ethics and Care, International Care Ethics Observatory, School of Health Sciences in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

Ann trained as a general nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, during 'the Troubles'. She moved to England to pursue post-registration training as a mental health nurse. Following practice experience in elder care and adolescent psychiatry, Ann completed a BA (Hons) degree in philosophy and health studies in London. She went on to complete an MA in medical and social ethics at the University of Wales College of Cardiff and a PhD in professional ethics at the University of Central Lancashire, under the supervision of Professor Ruth Chadwick.

Ann has extensive experience as a care ethicist, nurse, educator, researcher and editor (of the international journal 'Nursing Ethics'). She is Co-Chair of Princess Alice Hospice Clinical Ethics Committee and a member of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. She is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing.

Ann has recently been on sabbatical exploring 'Cross-cultural perspectives on ethics and elder care'. She was Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence at the National Center for Bioethics in Research and Healthcare at the University of Tuskegee in Alabama, USA in 2017. Her sabbatical blog can be accessed at Ann will be taking up a visiting position at the University of Tuskegee from 2019


From January 2018, Ann will be working with Mikey Dunn at the University of Oxford, Professor Yonghui Ma at the University of Xiamen in China and other international researchers, on a Wellcome Trust funded project on the theme of 'Roles, Responsibilities and the Future of Care for Older Adults: Building a Cross-Cultural and Interdisciplinary Network”.

Recent projects

The current focus of research is two-pronged: relating to the promotion and sustainability of ethical care; & understanding and responding to deficits in care. Specific research themes include: dignity in care, professionalism, end of life ethics and research ethics. Ann has published on a wide range of topics, for example, on ethics education, slow ethics, love, dignity, compassion, dishonesty, restraint, whistleblowing and conflicts of interest.

Previous Research

Evaluation of the RCN Dignity Campaign - 'The Little Things Make a Difference' (2009) - co-authored with Lesley Baillie.

'Receiving bad news about your mental health' pilot research project (2008) - A collaborative project with Anne Arber, University of Surrey and Rob Chaplin and Alan Quirke, Royal College of Psychiatrists.

'The Good Nurse: UK Pilot Study' (2008) - A replication of the Far East Good Nurse Project with Khim Horton, Verena Tschudin and Sara Lister.

'Defending Dignity - Challenges and Opportunities' (2008) - commissioned to develop e-survey, analyse data, write report and contribute to the development of educational materials with Professor Paul Wainwright and Dr Lesley Baillie.

Conflicts of Interests, General Practitioners and Safeguarding Children research project report (Tompsett et al 2008) - funded by the Department for Education and Skills and Department Health 'Safeguarding Children Research Initiative' - Co-researcher with social work and health colleagues at Kingston University and St George's University of London - member of project management team and lead on designing, implementing and analysing Delphi Expert panel component.

'Arts for Life' report (2007) - patients' and carers' perceptions of the value of the arts in palliative care - Commissioned by St Christopher's Hospice. Awaiting publication in Nursing Standard.

'Complementing the Community Project' report (2007) relating to the perceived benefits of complementary therapies by those with non -malignant conditions - Commissioned by St Christopher's Hospice.

Dignity in Practice Pilot Project Report (2001) with Professor David Seedhouse at Middlesex University.


Ann teaches ethics to undergraduate and post-graduate health and social care professionals and unregistered practitioners.

She recently led the development of an online course entitled: 'Introduction to Ethics in Health and Social Care'. The course forms part of the first year curriculum and will be developed and rolled out as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in 2019.

Departmental duties

  • Developing research proposals, applying for funding and conducting empirical research relating to health and social care ethics
  • Writing and publishing in peer-reviewed and professional journals
  • Leading staff development in relation to teaching health and social care ethics
  • Developing international research and scholarship collaborations through the International Care Ethics (ICE) Observatory
  • Editor-in-Chief of international journal Nursing Ethics (see )
  • Teaching ethics to undergraduate and post-graduate students
  • Supervising MSc, DCP and PhD students undertaking ethics-related research
  • Chair of AWERB

Supervision of PhD students

Current PhD Students

Wendy Grosvenor - Students' experience of a Time for Dementia project

Cajetan Ndukwe - Dignity and spirituality in mental health practice

Olivia Luijnenburg - Ethics, spirituality and care

Hanna Groothuizen - The evolution of student nurses' values

Completed PhDs

Andrew McKie, University of Aberdeen - Exploring the relationship between the expressive arts and ethical nursing practice - External supervisor - Completed 2010

Iris Gault, Kingston University and St George's University of London - Therapeutic coercion and supervised community orders - Co-supervisor - Completed in 2012

Julia Woods, Kingston University and St George's University of London - Decision-making and dementia care - Completed in 2012

Ruth Jackson, University of Surrey - Midwives' experience of obstetric emergencies - completed May 2014

Kit Tapson - The perspectives of counsellors and of young people who bully on the counselling process - completed in 2015

Maggie Davies - The perspectives of Directors of Nursing on UK care practices - completed in 2015

Vince Mitchell - An Ethical Framework for Dementia Care - Completed January 2016

Davis Mpavaenda - Investigating the impact of a new intervention for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Co-supervisor - Completed 2016

Tiziana Sala Defilippis - Moral resilience in healthcare practice - Completed 2017

External examiner of PhD theses:

2018 - University of Birmingham - Georgina Morley - Moral Distress and ITU Nurses

2016 - University of Salford - Julie Winifred Morton - Mapping Ethical Regulation: The Work of Research Ethics Committees

2012 - University of Dundee - Gordon McLaren - Ethical decision making in the NHS: a theoretical analysis of clinical negligence with reference to the existentialist writings of Kierkegaard, Levinas and Sartre

2011 - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil - Maria Cristina Paganini - Professional autonomy of nurses in the intensive care unit

2010 - University of Hertfordshire - Jennifer Susan Beckwith - Uncovering complexity in everyday practice: A post-modern study of community nursing assessment


My publications


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Books edited

In press – Gallagher A. & Herbert C. Faith in Care: 11 Worldviews on Ethics, Spirituality and Care

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 Book chapters in press and published

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Examples of media opinion pieces

Gallagher A. (2017) Blog: Learning from the case of Charlie Gard: How a hard case can make bad ethics (see )

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