Find out more about the staff within the School of Health Sciences.

Meet the team

Head of School

Aimee Aubeeluck profile image

Professor Aimee Aubeeluck

Professor of Health Psychology, Head of School of Health Sciences

Academic leads

Amy Dopson profile image

Amy Dopson

Associate Professor & Head of Department: Continuing Professional Development and Post Graduate Education

Jackie McBride profile image

Jackie McBride

Associate Professor in Integrated Care, Head of Professional Preparation within Integrated Care

Emma Ream profile image

Professor Emma Ream

Professor, Director of Health Sciences Research

Academic staff

Charlie Adler profile image

Charlie Adler

Lecturer B in Paramedic Science

Susie Aldiss profile image

Susie Aldiss

Research Fellow (Child Health)

Jo Armes profile image

Professor Jo Armes

Professor of Cancer Care and Lead for Digital Health

Carys Banks profile image

Dr Carys Banks

NIHR Research Fellow

Sarah Beck

Research Fellow

Zoe Bedford profile image

Zoe Bedford

Teaching Fellow

Lisa Blazhevski profile image

Lisa Blazhevski

Senior Lecturer Adult Nursing

Sarah Bolger profile image

Dr Sarah Bolger

Midwifery Lecturer

David Brighton

Lecturer, (adult nursing)

Gemma Bryan profile image

Dr Gemma Bryan

Research Fellow

Chloe Burch profile image

Chloe Burch

Lecturer in Paramedic Science

Emily Burr

Lecturer in Adult Nursing/Foundation Year Programme

Orlando Caetano profile image

Orlando Caetano

Teaching Fellow in Integrated Health (Moving and Handling)

Alison Callwood profile image

Dr Alison Callwood

Senior Lecturer in Integrated Care (Midwifery)

Hilary Causer profile image

Dr Hilary Causer

Research Fellow

Theopisti (Theti) Chrysanthaki profile image

Dr Theopisti Chrysanthaki

Lecturer in Integrated Care/ehealth

Sarah Clements profile image

Sarah Clements

Senior Lecturer - Children & Young People's Nursing

Zoe Clothier

Research Assistant

Anita Combes profile image

Anita Combes

Lecturer - Adult Nursing

Sarah Combes profile image

Dr Sarah Combes

Research Fellow

Anna Conolly profile image

Dr Anna Conolly

Lecturer (0.2) and research fellow (0.8)

Anna Cox profile image

Dr Anna Cox

Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care

Christos Dadousis profile image

Dr Christos Dadousis

Research Fellow in Health and Biomedical Informatics Research Group

Laura Dando profile image

Dr Laura Dando

General Practitioner (GP); Lecturer - Physician Associate Programme

Annette Davies profile image

Annette Davies

Teaching Fellow in Integrated Care

Lisa Dennis profile image

Lisa Dennis

Lecturer- Children and Young People's Nursing

Jia Doulton profile image

Dr Jia Doulton

Associate Professor

Corinne Drummond profile image

Corinne Drummond

Teaching Fellow/ Lead for Non Medical Prescribing

Sian Dudgeon profile image

Sian Dudgeon

Midwifery Lecturer/ Academic PMA

Caroline Eynon

Lecturer in Midwifery and Health Sciences

James Fern profile image

James Fern

Lecturer Practitioner in Advanced Clinical Practice & Prescribing

James Fisher profile image

Dr James Fisher

Lecturer in Physician Associate Studies PGDip

Bethany Gale

Lecturer (Nursing - Mental Health)

Joanna Gardner profile image

Joanna Gardner

Lecturer in Paramedic Science

Nophar Geifman profile image

Professor Nophar Geifman

Professor of Health and Biomedical Informatics

Faith Gibson profile image

Professor Faith Gibson

Professor of Child Health and Cancer Care

Nyangi Gityamwi profile image

Dr Nyangi Gityamwi

Research Fellow

Richard Green profile image

Dr Richard Green

Surrey Future Fellow

Jonny Green profile image

Jonny Green

Lecturer in Mental Health Nurse Research and Education

Rebecca Greenacre profile image

Rebecca Greenacre

Lead Midwife for Education, Director of Studies, Teaching Fellow Midwifery

Wendy Grosvenor profile image

Dr Wendy Grosvenor

Associate Professor

Jordan Harrington-Phillips profile image

Mx Jordan Harrington- Phillips

Lecturer in Child and Young People's Nursing

Jenny Harris profile image

Dr Jenny Harris

Senior Lecturer in Cancer Care and Health Statistics

Sam Harrison profile image

Sam Harrison

Midwifery Teaching Fellow

Chris Jacobs profile image

Dr Chris Jacobs

Associate Professor, Genetic and Genomic Counselling

Haomiao Jin profile image

Dr Haomiao Jin

Lecturer in Health Data Sciences

Felicity Jones profile image

Felicity Jones

Senior Lecturer in Integrated Care (Population Health), Director of Studies for Specialist Practice

Robert Kerrison profile image

Dr Robert Kerrison

Senior Lecturer and Co-Lead for Cancer Care

Heather Lane profile image

Heather Lane

Lecturer and Pathway Lead for Community Children's Nursing (CCN) SPQ Programme

Samantha Laws profile image

Sam Laws

Lecturer in Paramedic Science

Agnieszka Lemanska profile image

Dr Agnieszka Lemanska

Senior Lecturer in Health Data Science

Kimberley Lucini profile image

Kimberley Lucini

Adult Nurse Lecturer

Richard Lyon profile image

Professor Richard Lyon

Professor in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine

Jill Maben profile image

Professor Jill Maben

Professor of Health Services Research and Nursing

Carin Magnusson profile image

Dr Carin Magnusson

Lecturer in Health Services Research

Afrodita Marcu profile image

Dr Afrodita Marcu

Research Fellow (RA II)

Sophie McGrevey profile image

Sophie McGrevey

Research Assistant

Susan Meadows profile image

Susan Meadows

Midwifery Lecturer

Sarah Mee

Lecturer A Physician Associate Studies

Freda Elizabeth Mold profile image

Dr Freda Elizabeth Mold

Senior Lecturer in Integrated Care

Linda Moore

Teaching fellow

Scott Munro profile image

Dr Scott Munro

Lecturer in Paramedic Practice

Caroline Nicholson profile image

Professor Caroline Nicholson

Professor of Palliative Care and Ageing

Jennifer Oates profile image

Dr Jennifer Oates

Senior Personal Tutor, Lead for Wellbeing, Senior Teaching Fellow

Anthony Onoja profile image

Dr Tony Onoja

Research Fellow

Dr Neesha Oozageer Gunowa profile image

Neesha Oozageer Gunowa

Senior Lecturer and Pathway Lead in Community Nursing

Tetyana Perchyk

Research Fellow in Health Data Science

Zoe Polly profile image

Zoe Polly

Lecturer, Children and Young People's Nursing

Katherine Poole profile image

Kathy Poole

Adult Nursing Lecturer

Ruth Riley profile image

Dr Ruth Riley

Senior Lecturer

Sarah Roberts profile image

Sarah Roberts

Lecturer, Pathway Lead for Health Visiting

Dr Ann Robinson

Senior Teaching Fellow in Integrated Care (Midwifery)

Frances Sanders profile image

Frances Sanders

Postgraduate Research Student

Vikki Saravia profile image

Vikki Saravia

Teaching Fellow Integrated Health (Midwifery)

Karen Shaw profile image

Dr Karen Shaw

Project Manager

Pippa Sipanoun

Research Fellow

Lauren Sirey profile image

Lauren Sirey

Lecturer - Mental Health Nursing

Matt Spick

Lecturer in Health and Biomedical Data Analytics

Johanna Spiers profile image

Dr Johanna Spiers

Research Fellow

Mark Stobbart profile image

Mark Stobbart

Senior Teaching Fellow

Jaime Sutherland

Midwifery Teaching Fellow

Dr Katie Sutton

Research Fellow

Claire Tarrant profile image

Claire Tarrant

Senior Lecturer

Cath Taylor profile image

Professor Cath Taylor

Professor of Healthcare Workforce Organisation and Wellbeing

Fiona Taylor profile image

Fiona Taylor

Research Fellow

Suzie Thorpe profile image

Suzie Thorpe

Midwifery Teaching Fellow (integrated)

Colm Treacy profile image

Colm Treacy

Senior Lecturer & Field Lead (Mental Health)

Samantha Wakefield profile image

Samantha Wakefield

Lecturer in Community Nursing

Hayley Ward profile image

Hayley Ward

Director of Studies for Healthcare Practice Programme and Leadership in Healthcare Programme

Katriina Whitaker profile image

Professor Katriina Whitaker

Professor of Psychology and Lead for Cancer Care

Alison Whitehouse profile image

Ali Whitehouse

Lecturer in Integrated Care (Children's Nursing)

Magda Zasada profile image

Dr Magdalena Zasada

Lecturer in Workforce, Organisation and Wellbeing