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Dr Alesia Moulton-Perkins

Senior Teaching Fellow

Academic and research departments

School of Psychology.



I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist & BABCP accredited CBT therapist, specialising in digital mental health, CBT and Third Wave therapeutic approaches such as mindfulness and compassion focused therapy.  As well as working as a Senior Teaching Fellow on the clinical psychology training course at the unviersity, I work in private practice delivering psychological therapy online to adults, particularly those with anxiety disorders, long term health conditions and neurodevelopmental disorders. I sit on the Digital Healthcare Subcommittee of the Division of Clinical Psychology, British  Psychological Society and the Research & Development committee for the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online. I hold a General Certificate in Online Therapy from the Academy for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy and have completed the ProReal Facilitator Training (using virtual world software remotely in a therapeutic context).

Research interests

I am interested in researching digital mental health and how traditional face to face therapies translate to videoconferencing delivery.  


I teach CBT and digital mental health on the clinical psychology doctoral training programme.


British Psychological Society - Chartered Clinical Psychologist (203219)

Health and Social Care Professions: Registered Practitioner Psychologist (PYL24461)

British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies- Accredited CBT Therapist (100817)

Selected Conference Presentations

Developing a competency framework on digital mental health for clinical psychologists (Nov 2018). Co-convened a symposium and gave a talk at the Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology Annual conference, Glasgow

The future is digital: Is clinical psychology ready? (Sept 2018). Organised a one day conference and delivered a presentation/workshop at the British Psychological Society, London

Compassion-focused cognitive therapy using online avatars: development and initial piloting of Compassionate ProReal, an adjunctive therapy for people with depression and long term health conditions Poster presented at the International Society of Internet Interventions, Berlin 12-14th October 2017

Compassion focused avatar therapy for comorbid depression and LTCs (2017) Presentation to Wessex Branch of the British Psychological Society, June 2017

Using social media to promote patient involvement in clinical health psychology (2013) Convened a symposium and presented at the Faculty of Clinical Health Psychology of the British Psychological Society Annual conference, York.

My publications


Peer-reviewed journals:

Cucchi, A., Hampton, J., & Moulton-Perkins, A. (2018). Using the validated Reflective Functioning Questionnaire to investigate mentalizing in individuals presenting with eating disorders with and without self-harm. PeerJ, 6, 1-24.

Fonagy, P., Luyten, P., Moulton-Perkins, A., Lee, Y.W., Warren, F., Howard, S., Ghinai, R. Fearon, P. & Lowyck, B. (2016). Development and validation of a self-report measure of mentalizaing: the Reflective Functioning Questionnaire. PLoS ONE 11(17).

Moulton-Perkins, A., Wressle, A., Grey, N. and Sired, R. (2019). Evaluation of a psychology graduate internship programme. The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice, 14(6), 423-435.

Moulton-Perkins, A., Moulton, D., Cavanagh, K., Jozavi, A., Strauss, C.,(submitted). A systematic review of MBCT/MBSR by videoconference. Clinical Psychology Review


Book chapters:

Busuttil, A., Tuite, M. & Moulton-Perkins, A. (2015). Working with people with physical health problems. In G. Davey, Lake, N. & Whittington, A. (Ed.), Topics in Applied Psychology: Clinical Psychology. (2nd ed.). Hove: Routledge.

Moulton-Perkins, A., & Whittington, A. (2015). Working with people with anxiety disorders. In G. Davey, N. Lake & A. Whittington (Eds.), Topics in Applied Psychology: Clinical Psychology (2nd ed.). Hove: Routledge.


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Moulton-Perkins, A. & Tibbles, J. (2016). Bringing compassion to adults with ADHD: A 10 session CBT for ADHD group. Poster presented at the Compassionate Mind's 6th International Conference, Birmingham.

Moulton-Perkins, A., & Tuite, M. (2014). Facing your fear and doing it anyway: Using social media professionally. Clinical Psychology Forum, 260.

Moulton-Perkins, A., & Tuite, M. (2011). Sussex Network of Advanced Pain management Services (SNAPS). Poster presented at the British Pain Society Pain Management Annual Conference, Bath.

Perkins, A. (2008). Review of the book 'Managing Social Anxiety: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach'. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 36,(1), 119-120.

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