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Dr Tom Kent

Teaching Fellow
+44 (0)1483 682945
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Kent, T., Cooke, A., & Marsh, I. (2020) “The expert and the patient”: a discourse analysis of the house of commons’ debates regarding the 2007 Mental Health Act. Journal of Mental Health.
Dunn, B., Reynold, S., Blacklock,  J., Bradbury, A.,  Chatburn, E., Creswell, C.,  Cox, L.,  Hosanyeh, Z.,  Jacobsen, P.,  Kunorubwe,  T.,  Kent, T,  Kingston J, Loade, M., & Stevens R. (2019) Turning research ideas into reality: How can we better support ‘on the ground’ clinicians to become research active?  CBT  Today, 47(4), 18-20.
Dawkins, L., Kent, T.S., & Turner, J. (2010) The electronic cigarette: acute effects on mood and craving. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 24 (suppl. 3). A32.