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Our discussion and working papers are broken in three different series: the School of Economics discussion paper series (ECON, DP), the Surrey Centre for International Economic Studies working paper series (SCIES) and the Surrey Energy Economics discussion paper series (SEEDS).

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    Information, VARs and DSGE models Paul Levine DP 16/19 (PDF)

    Sovereign debt overhang, expenditure composition and debt restructurings

    Hyungseok Joo DP 15/19 (PDF)
    On the strategic benefits of diversity Martin Kaae Jensen DP 14/19 (PDF)

    Understanding access barriers to public services: lessons from a randomised domestic violence intervention

    Martin F. Koppensteiner

    DP 13/19 (PDF)

    Designing robust monetary policy using prediction pools

    Szabolcs Deák, Paul Levine

    DP 12/19 (PDF)

    Sovereign debt restructurings: delays in renegotiations and risk averse creditors
    Hyungseok Joo DP 11/19 (PDF)

    Violence and human capital investments

    Martin F. Koppensteiner

    DP 10/19 (PDF)

    No-trade and refined equilibria for secured loans in infinite horizon

    Mario Pascoa

    DP 09/19 (PDF)

    Crashing of efficient stochastic bubbles

    Mario Pascoa

    DP 08/19 (PDF)

    Recourse loans and Ponzi schemes

    Mario Pascoa

    DP 07/19 (PDF)

    Endogenous discounting, wariness, and efficient capital taxation

    Mario Pascoa

    DP 06/19 (PDF)

    Standard setting organizations, information flows and business strategies: an empirical investigation

    Paul Temple

    DP 05/19 (PDF)

    Policy mandates and institutional architecture

    Ioannis Lazopoulos, Vasco J. Gabriel

    DP 04/19 (PDF)

    The state of DSGE modelling

    Paul Levine

    DP 03/19 (PDF)

    Behavioural new Keynesian models

    Robert Calvert Jump, Paul Levine

    DP 02/19 (PDF)

    Optimal taxation and debt management without commitment

    Ricardo Nunes

    DP 01/19 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    Effects of market structure and patient choice on hospital quality for planned patients

    Giuseppe Moscelli, Hugh Gravelle, Luigi Siciliani

    DP 11/18 (PDF)

    Inflation expectations and non-linearities in the Philips curve

    Ricardo Nunes

    DP 10/18 (PDF)

    The economic effects of Brexit - evidence from the stock market

    Holger Breinlich, Elsa Leromain, Dennis Novy, Thomas Sampson, Ahmed Usman

    DP 09/18 (PDF)

    Merger policy in a quantitative model of
    international trade

    Holger Breinlich, Volker Nockez, Nicolas Schutzx

    DP 08/18 (PDF)

    Institutional setups of monetary policy and banking regulation and supervision - a survey

    Diana Lima

    DP 07/18 (PDF)

    Bootstrap inference for penalized gmm estimators with oracle properties

    Lorenzo Camponovo

    DP 06/18 (PDF)

    Relative error accurate statistic based on non-parametric likelihood

    Lorenzo Camponovo, Taisuke Otsu

    DP 05/18 (PDF)

    Predictability hidden by anomalous observations

    Lorenzo Camponovo, Olivier Scaillet, Fabio Trojani

    DP 04/18 (PDF)

    Non-parametric likelihood for volatility under high frequency data

    Lorenzo Camponovo, Yukitoshi Matsushita, Taisuke Otsu

    DP 03/18 (PDF)

    Financial crisis, monetary base expansion and risk

    Stylianos Tsiaras

    DP 02/18 (PDF)

    Roadways, input sourcing, and patterns of specialisation

    Esteban Jaimovich

    DP 01/18 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series
    Reconciling Jaimovich-Rebello preferences, habit in consumption and labour supply Tom Holden, Paul Levine, Jonathan Swarbrick DP 10/17 (PDF)

    Internal rationality, heterogeneity, and complexity in the new Keynesian model

    Cars Hommes, Robert Calvert Jump, Paul Levine

    DP 09/17 (PDF)

    Internal rationality, learning and imperfect information

    Szabolcs Deák, Paul Levine, Joseph Pearlman, Bo Yang

    DP 08/17 (PDF)

    Determinants of repo haircuts and bankruptcy

    Jean-Marc Bottazzi, Mario Pascoa, Guillermo Ramirez

    DP 07/17 (PDF)

    The impact of free early childhood education and care on educational achievement: a discontinuity approach investigating both quantity and quality of provision

    Jo Blanden, Emilia Del Bono, Kirstine Hansen, Birgitta Rabe

    DP 06/17 (PDF)

    Equilibrium in fx swap markets: funding pressures and the cross-currency basis

    Jean-Marc Bottazzi, Jaime Luque, Mario Pascoa

    DP 05/17 (PDF)

    Regulating the repo market: implications for leverage dynamics and bubbles

    Jean-Marc Bottazzi, Jaime Luque, Mario Pascoa

    DP 04/17 (PDF)

    Student academic performance and professional training year

    Panagiotis Arsenis, Miguel Flores

    DP 03/17 (PDF)

    Optimal fiscal and monetary policy, debt crisis and management

    Cristiano Cantore, Paul Levine, Giovanni Melina, Joseph Pearlman

    DP 02/17 (PDF)

    Unravelling the skill premium

    Peter mcadam, Alpo Willman

    DP 01/17 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    Delphic and Odyssean monetary policy shocks: evidence from the euro-area

    Philippe Andrade, Filippo Ferroni

    DP 12/16 (PDF)

    Velocity in the long run: money and structural transformation

    Antonio Mele, Radoslaw Stefanski

    DP 11/16 (PDF)

    Quality growth: from process to product innovation along the path of development

    Esteban Jaimovich

    DP 10/16 (PDF)

    Truth-tracking judgment aggregation over interconnected issues

    Irem Bozbay

    DP 09/16 (PDF)

    Exact likelihood inference in group interaction network models

    Grant Hillier, Federico Martellosio

    DP 08/16 (PDF)

    Exact properties of the maximum likelihood estimator in spatial autoregressive models

    Grant Hillier, Federico Martellosio

    DP 07/16 (PDF)

    The effect of financial regulation mandate on inflation bias: a dynamic panel approach

    Diana Lima, Ioannis Lazopoulos, Vasco Gabriel

    DP 06/16 (PDF)

    Short sales and shareholders' unanimity

    Jean-Marc Bottazzi, Mario R. Pascoa and Guillermo Ramírez

    DP 05/16 (PDF)

    On the efficiency of monetary equilibrium when agents are wary

    Aloisio Araujo, Juan Pablo Gama-Torres, Rodrigo Novinski and Mario R. Pascoa

    DP 04/16 (PDF)

    An estimated DSGE open-economy model of the Indian economy with financial frictions

    Vasco Gabriel, Paul Levine and Bo Yang

    DP 03/16 (PDF)

    On the persistence of cross-country inequality measures

    Dimitris Christopoulos and Peter mcadam

    DP 02/16 (PDF)

    Agent-based macroeconomics and dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models: where do we go from here?

    Özge Dilaver, Robert Jump and Paul Levine

    DP 01/16 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    Optimal fiscal and monetary policy, debt crisis and management

    Cristiano Cantore, Paul Levine, Giovanni Melina and Joseph Pearlman

    DP 05/15 (PDF)

    Efficiency, inefficiency and the mena frontier

    Dimitris Christopoulos and Peter mcadam

    DP 04/15 (PDF)

    Consistent estimation in large heterogeneous panels with multifactor structure and endogeneity

    Giovanni Forchini, Bin Jiang and Bin Peng

    DP 03/15 (PDF)

    On the perils of stabilising prices when agents are learning

    Antonio Mele, Krisztina Molnár and Sergio Santoro

    DP 02/15 (PDF)

    Military aid, direct intervention and counter terrorism

    Maria Garcia-Alonso, Paul Levine and Ron Smith

    DP 01/15 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    Diffusion of multiple information

    Nicole Tabasso

    DP 09/14 (PDF)

    The international policy trilemma in the post-Bretton woods era

    Alex Mandilaras

    DP 08/14 (PDF)

    Deep versus superficial habit: it’s all in the persistence

    Cristiano Cantore, Paul Levine and Giovanni Melina

    DP 07/14 (PDF)

    Transitions in exchange rate regimes in the aftermath of the global economic crisis

    Graham Bird and Alex Mandilaras

    DP 06/14 (PDF)

    Does tenure make researchers less productive? The case of the “specialist”

    João Ricardo Faria and Peter mcadam

    DP 05/14 (PDF)

    CES technology and business cycle fluctuations

    Cristiano Cantore, Paul Levine, Joseph Pearlman and Bo Yang

    DP 04/14 (PDF)

    Risk aversion in a model of endogenous growth

    Christian Chiglino and Nicole Tabasso

    DP 03/14 (PDF)

    Kant’s endogenous growth mechanism

    Gabriel Fagan, Vitor Gaspar and Peter mcadam

    DP 02/14 (PDF)

    A general result on observational equivalence in a class of nonparametric structural equations models

    Giovanni Forchini

    DP 01/14 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    Shocking stuff: technology, hours, and factor substitution

    Cristiano Cantore, Miguel A. León-Ledesma, Peter mcadam and Alpo Willman

    DP 09/13 (PDF)

    From social contract to Arab spring: macroeconomic adjustment under regime change

    João Ricardo Faria and Peter Mc Adam

    DP 08/13 (PDF)

    On habit and the socially efficient level of consumption and work effort

    Paul Levine, Peter mcadam and Peter Welz

    DP 07/13 (PDF)

    Standards, learning and growth in Britain 1901-2009

    Christopher Spencer and Paul Temple

    DP 06/13 (PDF)

    Monetary and fiscal rules in normal and abnormal times

    Cristiano Cantore, Paul Levine, Giovanni Melina and Joseph Pearlman

    DP 05/13 (PDF)

    The RBC view of Pakistan: a declaration of stylized facts and essential models

    M. Ali Choudhary and Farooq Pasha

    DP 04/13 (PDF)

    Wage growth and human capital in the UK finance sector

    Joanne Lindley

    DP 03/13 (PDF)

    Sticky wages in a developing country: lessons from structured interviews in Pakistan

    Waqas Ahmed, M. Ali Choudhary, Sajawal Khan, Saima Mahmood and Gylfi Zoega

    DP 02/13 (PDF)

    Bootstrapping tests for jumps with an application to test averaging

    Ana-Maria Dumitru

    DP 01/13 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    Efficient simulation of DSGE models with inequality constraints

    Tom Holden and Michael Paetz

    DP 16/12 (PDF)

    Learning from learners

    Tom Holden

    DP 15/12 (PDF)

    Medium-frequency cycles and the remarkable near trend-stationarity of output

    Tom Holden

    DP 14/12 (PDF)

    Explaining shifts in exchange rate regimes

    Graham Bird, Alex Mandilaras and Helen Popper

    DP 13/12 (PDF)

    Will Europe’s fiscal compact help avoid future economic crises?

    Graham Bird and Alex Mandilaras

    DP 12/12 (PDF)

    Measuring financial contagion with extreme co-exceedances

    Apostolos Thomadakis

    DP 11/12 (PDF)

    Imperfect information, optimal monetary policy and informational consistency

    Paul Levine, Joseph Pearlman and Bo Yang

    DP 10/12 (PDF)

    Technology, utilisation and inflation: what drives the new Keynesian-Philips curve?

    Peter mcadam and Alpo Willman

    DP 09/12 (PDF)

    Openness, efficiency and technology: an industry assessment

    Dimitris Christopoulos and Peter mcadam

    DP 08/12 (PDF)

    Endogenous growth and consumption aggregation

    Nicole Tabasso

    DP 07/12 (PDF)

    Contagion or flight-to-quality phenomena in stock and bond returns

    Apostolos Thomadakis

    DP 06/12 (PDF)

    A fiscal stimulus with deep habits and optimal monetary policy

    Cristiano Cantore, Paul Levine, Giovanni Melina and Bo Yang

    DP 05/12 (PDF)

    A new perspective on the gold standard: inflation as a population phenomenon

    Joao Ricardo Faria and Peter mcadam

    DP 04/12 (PDF)

    Structural equations and invariance

    Giovanni Forchini

    DP 03/12 (PDF)

    Bank lending and monetary shocks: an empirical investigation

    Amjad Ali, M. Ali Choudhary, Shah Hussain and Vasco J. Gabriel

    DP 02/12 (PDF)

    Consistent estimation of panel data models with a multi-factor error structure

    Ben Ping and Giovanni Forchini

    DP 01/12 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    A fiscal stimulus and jobless recovery

    Cristiano Cantore, Paul Levine and Giovanni Melina

    DP 11/11 (PDF)

    Formal sector price discoveries: results from a developing country

    M. Ali Choudhary, Saima Naeem, Abdul Faheem, Nadim Haneef and Farooq Pasha

    DP 10/11 (PDF)

    Delegation to independent regulators and the ratchet effect

    Joanne Evans, Paul Levine, Neil Rickman and Francesc Trillas

    DP 09/11 (PDF)

    Identification of monetary policy in SVAR models: a data-oriented perspective

    Matteo Fragetta and Giovanni Melina

    DP 08/11 (PDF)

    Informality, frictions and monetary policy

    Nicoletta Batini, Paul Levine, Emanuela Lotti and Bo Yang

    DP 07/11 (PDF)

    Is there a Beijing consensus on international macroeconomic policy?

    Graham Bird, Alex Mandilaras and Helen Popper

    DP 06/11 (PDF)

    Getting normalisation right: dealing with 'dimensional constants' in macroeconomics

    Cristiano Cantore and Paul Levine

    DP 05/11 (PDF)

    Aggregate stability and balanced-budget rules

    Matteo Ghilardi and Raffaele Rossi

    DP 04/11 (PDF)

    Trilemma stability and international macroeconomic archetypes
    in developing economies

    Helen Popper, Alex Mandilaras and Graham Bird

    DP 03/11 (PDF)

    The costs and benefits of informality

    Nicoletta Batini, Paul Levine and Emanuela Lotti

    DP 02/11 (PDF)

    The gender dimension of technical change and task inputs

    Joanne Lindley

    DP 01/11 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    An estimated DSGE model of the Indian economy

    Vasco J Gabriel, Paul Levine, Joseph Pearlman and Bo Yang

    DP 12/10 (PDF)

    An efficient test of fiscal sustainability

    Vasco J Gabriel and Pataaree Sangduan

    DP 11/10 (PDF)

    The cost channel reconsidered: a comment using an identification-robust approach

    Vasco J Gabriel and Luis F Martins

    DP 10/10 (PDF)

    Cointegration tests under multiple regime shifts: an application to the stock price-dividend relationship

    Vasco J Gabriel and Luis F Martins

    DP 09/10 (PDF)

    A comparison of earnings and occupational attainment of refugees and asylum seekers and economic immigrants in the UK

    Rukhsana Kausar and Stephen Drinkwater

    DP 08/10 (PDF)

    Optimal intermediation under aggregate consumption uncertainty

    Ioannis Lazopoulos

    DP 07/10

    Migration, skill composition and growth

    Young-Bae Kim, Paul Levine and Emanuela Lotti

    DP 06/10 (PDF)

    The gender dimension of technical change and job polarisation

    Jo Lindley

    DP 05/10 (PDF)

    A floating versus managed exchange rate regime in a dsge model of india

    Nicoletta Batini, Vaco Gabriel, Paul Levine and Joseph Pearlman

    DP 04/10 (PDF)

    Endogenous persistence in an estimated dsge model under imperfect information

    Paul Levine, Joseph Pearlman, George Perendia and Bo Yang

    DP 03/10 (PDF)

    Monetary policy in an uncertain world: probability models and the design of robust monetary rules

    Paul Levine

    DP 02/10 (PDF)

    Is the over-education wage penalty permanent?

    Joanne Lindley and Steven mcintosh

    DP 01/10 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    Informal labour and credit markets: a survey

    Nicoletta Batini, Young-Bae Kim, Paul Levine and Emanuela Lotti

    DP 06/09 (PDF)

    Once bitten: the effect of IMF programs on subsequent reserve behaviour

    Graham Bird and Alex Mandilaras

    DP 05/09 (PDF)

    Reform and competitive selection in china: an analysis of firm exits

    Qing Gong Yang and Paul Temple

    DP 04/09 (PDF)

    Assessing fiscal sustainability subject to policy changes: a Markov switching cointegration approach

    Vasco Gabriel and Pataaree Sangduan

    DP 03/09 (PDF)

    Military expenditure and economic growth literature: a meta-analysis

    Aynur Alptekin and Paul Levine

    DP 02/09 (PDF)

    Conflict, growth and welfare: can increasing property rights really be counterproductive?

    Aynur Alptekin and Paul Levine

    DP 01/09 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    Is there a trade-off between regional growth and national income? Theory and evidence from the EU

    Young-Bae Kim

    DP 10/08 (PDF)

    Happiness inertia: analytical aspects of the Easterlin paradox

    Ali Choudhary, Paul Levine, Peter mcadam and Peter Welz

    DP 09/08 (PDF)

    Neural network models for inflation forecasting: an appraisal

    Ali Choudhary and Adnan Haider

    DP 08/08 (PDF)

    Entrepreneurship, spillovers and productivity growth in the small firm sector of UK manufacturing

    Hany El Shamy and Paul Temple

    DP 07/08 (PDF)

    Taylor-type rules versus optimal policy in a Markov-switching economy

    Fernando Alexandre, Pedro Bassao and Vasco Gabriel

    DP 06/08 (PDF)

    How forward-looking is the fed? Direct estimates from a 'calvo-type' rule

    Vasco Gabriel, Paul Levine and Christopher Spencer

    DP 05/08 (PDF)

    On the (ir)relevance of direct supply-side effects of monetary policy>

    Vasco Gabriel, Paul Levine, Christopher Spencer and Bo Yang

    DP 04/08 (PDF)

    Panic on the streets of London: police, crime and the July 2005 terror attacks

    Mirko Draca, Stephen Machin and Robert Witt

    DP 03/08 (PDF)

    Robust inflation-targeting rules and the gains from international policy coordination>

    Paul Levine, Joseph Pearlman and Peter Welz

    DP 02/08 (PDF)

    Determining constituency marginality in the UK using the expense claims of MPS

    Tim Bale, Barry Reilly and Robert Witt

    DP 01/08 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    The determinants of base pay and the role of race in major league soccer: evidence from the 2007 league season

    Barry Reilly and Robert Witt

    DP 19/07 (PDF)

    The credibility problem revisited: thirty years on from Kydland and Prescott

    Paul Levine, Joseph Pearlman and Bo Yang

    DP 18/07 (PDF)

    Fiscal policy in a monetary union: can fiscal cooperation be counterproductive?

    Luisa Lambertini, Paul Levine and Joseph Pearlman

    DP 17/07 (PDF)

    Estimating DSGE models under partial information

    Paul Levine, Joseph Pearlman and George Perendia

    DP 16/07 (PDF)

    Growth and welfare effects of east-west European migration

    Paul Levine, Emanuela Lotti, Joseph Pearlman and Richard Pierse

    DP 15/07 (PDF)

    What macroeconomics conditions best explain southeast Asian capital flows?

    Alex Mandilaras and Helen Popper

    DP 14/07 (PDF)

    Foreign exchange pressures in Latin America: does debt matter?

    Graham Bird and Alex Mandilaras

    DP 13/07 (PDF)

    Revisiting Mrs. Machlup's wardrobe: the accumulation of international reserves, 1992-2001

    Graham Bird and Alex Mandilaras

    DP 12/07 (PDF)

    Channel trading and imperfect competition: good trades and bad trades

    Paul Levine and Neil Rickman

    DP 11/07 (PDF)

    Optimal administered incentive pricing of spectrum

    Paul Levine and Neil Rickman

    DP 10/07 (PDF)

    Monetary policy coordination revisited in a two-block DSGE model

    Paul Levine, Joseph Pearlman and Richard Pierse

    DP 09/07 (PDF)

    Monetary rules in emerging economies with financial market imperfections

    Nicoletta Batini, Paul Levine and Joseph Pearlman

    DP 08/07 (PDF)

    Robust monetary rules under unstructured and structured model uncertainty

    Paul Levine and Joseph Pearlman

    DP 07/07 (PDF)

    Spectrum property rights versus a commons model: exploitation of mesh networks

    Paul Levine, Klaus Moessner and Neil Rickman

    DP 06/07 (PDF)

    Anglo-Dutch, split-award spectrum actions with a downstream market

    Parimal Bag, Paul Levine and Neil Rickman

    DP 05/07 (PDF)

    The IMF: a bird's eye view of its role and operations

    Graham Bird

    DP 04/07 (PDF)

    Accounting for intergenerational income persistence: noncognitive skills, ability and education

    Jo Blanden, Paul Gregg and Lindsey MacMillan

    DP 03/07 (PDF)

    The IMF's role in mobilizing private capital flows: are there grounds for catalytic conversion?

    Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands

    DP 02/07 (PDF)

    The analysis of catalysis: IMF programs and private capital flows

    Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands

    DP 01/07 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    Lobbies, delegation and the under-investment problem in regulation

    Joanne Evans, Paul Levine and Fransesc Trillas

    DP 20/06 (PDF)

    Labour market and investment effects of remittances

    Stephen Drinkwater, Paul Levine and Emanuela Lotti

    DP 19/06 (PDF)

    What determines the implementation of IMF programs?

    Ozlem Arpac, Graham Bird and Alex Mandilaras

    DP 18/06 (PDF)

    Poles apart? Eu enlargement and the labour market outcomes of immigrants in the UK

    Stephen Drinkwater, John Eade and Michal Garapich

    DP 17/06 (PDF)

    Explaining IMF arrangements: was Asia different?

    Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands

    DP 16/06 (PDF)

    The implementation of IMF programs: a conceptual framework

    Graham Bird

    DP 15/06 (PDF)

    Measurement, technological capability, and intra-industry trade: evidence from the EU

    Ali Choudhary, Paul Temple and Lei Zhao

    DP 14/06 (PDF)

    Mind the gap: a comment on aggregate productivity and technology

    Ali Choudhary and Vasco Gabriel

    DP 13/06 (PDF)

    Dynamics and diversity: ethnic employment differences in England and Wales, 1991 - 2001

    Kenneth Clark and Stephen Drinkwater

    DP 12/06 (PDF)

    The dynamic wage bargaining problem

    Renuka Metcalfe

    DP 11/06 (PDF)

    Terminal conditions in forward-looking economics model

    Richard Pierse

    DP 10/06 (PDF)

    Optimal control in nonlinear models: a generalised gauss-newton algorithm with analytic derivatives

    Richard Pierse

    DP 09/06 (PDF)

    Central bank independence and the "free lunch puzzle": a new perspective

    Ali al-Nowaihi, Paul Levine and Alex Mandilaras

    DP 08/06 (PDF)

    Necessary and sufficient conditions for latent separability

    Ian A. Crawford

    DP 07/06 (PDF)

    Reaction functions of Bank of England MPC members: insiders versus outsiders

    Christopher Spencer

    DP 06/06 (PDF)

    The 24/7 society and multiple habits

    Ali Choudhary and Paul Levine

    DP 05/06 (PDF)

    Public debt maturity and currency crises

    Paul Levine, Alexandros Mandilaras and Jun Wang

    DP 04/06 (PDF)

    The dissent voting behaviour of bank of Bank of England MPC members

    Christopher Spencer

    DP 03/06 (PDF)

    Robust estimates of the new Keynesian Phillips curve

    Luis Martins and Vasco Gabriel

    DP 02/06 (PDF)

    Price regulation and the commitment problem: can limited capture be beneficial?

    Paul Levine, Neil Rickman and Francesc Trillas

    DP 01/06 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    A note on: jury size and the free rider problem

    Parimal Kanti, Paul Levine and Christopher Spencer

    DP 17/05 (PDF)

    The hazard of being an English football league manager: empirical estimates from the 2002/3 season

    Ray Bachan, Barry Reilly and Robert Witt

    DP 16/05 (PDF)

    Consensus formation in monetary policy committees

    Christopher Spencer

    DP 15/05 (PDF)

    On the stability of the wealth effect

    Fernando Alexandre, Pedro Bagco and Vasco Gabriel

    DP 14/05 (PDF)

    IMF quotas: constructing an international organisation using inferior building blocks

    Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands

    DP 13/05 (PDF)

    A nonparametric test of stochastic dominance in multivariate distributions

    Ian Crawford

    DP 12/05 (PDF)

    The IMF and the mobilization of foreign aid

    Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands

    DP 11/05 (PDF)

    Identifying externalities in UK manufacturing using direct estimation of an average cost function

    Ciaran Driver, Paul Temple and Giovanni Urga

    DP 10/05 (PDF)

    Should it be curtains for some of the IMF 's lending windows?

    Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands

    DP 09/05 (PDF)

    Contrasts between classes of assets in fixed investment equations as a way of testing real option theory

    Ciaran Driver, Paul Temple and Giovanni Urga

    DP 08/05 (PDF)

    Bi-polar disorder: exchange rate regimes, economics crises and the IMF

    Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands

    DP 07/05 (PDF)

    The viability of economics reform programs supported by the international financial institutions

    Graham Bird, Wolfgang Mayer and Alex Mourmouras

    DP 06/05 (PDF)

    Over-optimism and the IMF

    Graham Bird

    DP 05/05 (PDF)

    Explaining the diversity of industry investment responses to uncertainty using long run panel survey data

    Ciaran Driver, Paul Temple and Giovanni Urga

    DP 04/05 (PDF)

    Revealed preference analysis of characteristics models

    Laura Blow, Martin Browning and Ian Crawford

    DP 03/05 (PDF)

    Beneficial collusion in corruption control: the case of nonmonetary penalties

    Mehmet Bac and Parimal Kanti Bag

    DP 02/05 (PDF)

    Favouritism and financial incentives: a natural experiment

    Neil Rickman and Robert Witt

    DP 01/05 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    Everyone's a winner? Union effects on persistence in private sector wage settlements: longitudinal evidence from Britain

    Donna Brown, Peter Ingram and Jonathan Wadsworth

    DP 11/04 (PDF)

    Institutions and long-run growth in the UK: the role of standards

    Paul Temple, Robert Witt and Chris Spencer

    DP 10/04 (PDF)

    Strategic procurement, openness and market structure

    Maria Garcia-Alonso and Paul Levine

    DP 09/04 (PDF)

    Robust inflation-forecast-based rules to shield against indeterminacy

    Nicoletta Batini, Alejandro Justiniano, Paul Levine and Joseph Pearlman

    DP 08/04 (PDF)

    Can risk aversion in firms reduce unemployment persistence?

    Ali Choudhary and Paul Levine

    DP 07/04 (PDF)

    Migration and labour market differences: the case of wales

    Stephen Drinkwater and David Blackaby

    DP 06/04 (PDF)

    The transition from welfare to work

    Robert J. Lemke, Robert J. Witt and Ann Dryden Witte

    DP 05/04 (PDF)

    Connecting people

    Ali Choudhary

    DP 04/04 (PDF)

    Liability, insurance and defensive medicine: new evidence

    Paul Fenn, Alastair Gray and Neil Rickman

    DP 03/04 (PDF)

    Indeterminacy with inflation-forecast-based rules in a two-bloc model

    Nicoletta Batini, Paul Levine and Joseph Pearlman

    DP 02/04 (PDF)

    Shareholder value or competitive advantage? Evidence from hurdle rates

    Ciaran Driver and Paul Temple

    DP 01/04 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    Estimating the willingness to move within Great Britain: importance and implications

    Stephen Drinkwater

    DP 12/03 (PDF)

    Are performance conditions on executive options driven by fundamentals?

    Ali Choudhary and J. Michael Orszag

    DP 11/03 (PDF)

    The implementation of IMF programmes: a conceptual framework and a policy agenda

    Graham Bird

    DP 10/03 (PDF)

    Have industrial relations in the UK really improved?

    Stephen Drinkwater and Peter Ingram

    DP 09/03 (PDF)

    Pay settlements and nominal wage rigidity in Britain

    Donna Brown, Peter Ingram and Jonathan Wadsworth

    DP 08/03 (PDF)

    Determinants of employee crime in the UK

    Neil Rickman and Robert Witt

    DP 07/03 (PDF)

    Price regulation, investment and the commitment problem

    Neil Rickman and Paul Levine

    DP 06/03 (PDF)

    Go west? Assessing the willingness to move from central and eastern European counties

    Stephen Drinkwater

    DP 05/03 (PDF)

    Independent utility regulators: lessons from monetary policy

    Paul Levine, Jon Stern and Francesc Trillas

    DP 04/03 (PDF)

    Self-stabilizing firms and unemployment persistence

    Ali Choudhary and Paul Levine

    DP 03/03 (PDF)

    The immigration surplus revisited in a general equilibrium model with endogenous growth

    Paul Levine, Emanuela Lotti and Joseph Pearlman

    DP 02/03 (PDF)

    The economics impact of migration: a survey

    Stephen Drinkwater, Paul Levine, Emanuela Lotti and Joseph Pearlman

    DP 01/03 (PDF)

    Title Authors Series

    Back from the dead? The return of energy policy

    Colin Robinson

    SEEDS 104

    Title Authors Series

    An empirical analysis of the long-run energy demand in japan: 1887-1998

    Yasushi Ninomiya

    SEEDS 103

    Efficiency and performance in the gas industry

    David Hawdon

    SEEDS 102

    A general approach to the solution of nonlinear rational expectations models

    Andrew P. Blake and Richard G. Pierse

    ECON 4/00 (PDF)

    Crime causation: economic theories

    Ann Dryden Witte and Robert Witt

    ECON 3/00 (PDF)

    Public debt and inflation: the role of inflation-sensitive instruments

    Alexandros Mandilaras and Paul Levine

    ECON 2/00 (PDF)

    Patient choice and primary care

    Heather Gage and Neil Rickman

    ECON 1/00 (PDF)

    Moving towards competition in water: lessons from gas and electricity regulation

    Colin Robinson

    SEEDS 101

    UK privatisation: retrospect and prospect

    Clare Spottiswoode, Eileen Marshall, Michael Parker and Frank Cronin

    SEEDS 100

    Modelling technical progress: an application of the stochastic trend model to UK energy demand

    Lester C. Hunt, Guy Judge and Yasushi Ninomiya

    SEEDS 99

    Title Authors Series

    Regional variations of the demand for arms trade: an empirical study of global panel data

    Fotis Mouzakis

    ECON 2/99

    The influence of uncertainty of investment in the UK: a macro or micro phenomenon?

    Paul Temple, Ciaran Diver and Giovanni Urga

    ECON 1/99 (PDF)

    Regulatory reform of the UK gas market - the case of the storage auction

    David Hawdon and Nicola Stevens

    SEEDS 98 (PDF)

    Estimating the demand for energy in Jordan: a Stock-Watson dynamic OLS (DOLS) approach

    Ahmed Al-Azzam and David Hawdon

    SEEDS 97 (PDF)

    Catalysis of direct borrowing: the role of the IMF in mobilising private capital

    Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands

    SCIES 99/7

    IMF lending: how is it affected by economic, political and institutional factors?

    Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands

    SCIES 99/6

    Does IMF conditionality signal policy credibility to markets?

    Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands

    SCIES 99/5

    Does the World Bank catalyse other financial flows?

    Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands

    SCIES 99/4

    The catalyzing role of policy-based lending by the IMF and the World Bank: fact or fiction?

    Graham Bird, Antonella Mori and Dane Rowlands

    SCIES 99/3

    Do the multilaterals catalyse other capital flows? What evidence does the case study evidence show?

    Graham Bird, Antonella Mori and Dane Rowlands

    SCIES 99/2

    Reforming the IMF: long term lessons from short-term crises

    Graham Bird

    SCIES 99/1

    Title Author Series

    The policy of power and the power of policy: energy policy in Honduras

    Lester C. Hunt, Claudio Salgado and Andy Thorpe

    SEEDS 96 (PDF)

    Efficiency considerations in the Electricity supply industry: the case of Iran

    Ali Emami Meibodi

    SEEDS 95 (PDF)

    Economic models of OPEC behaviour and the role of Saudi Arabia

    Nourah A. Al-Yousef

    SEEDS 94 (PDF)

    Growing at different rates

    Thomas Krichel

    ECON 01/98 (PDF)

    Modelling Saudi Arabia behaviour in the world oil market 1976-1996

    Nourah A. Al-Yousef

    SEEDS 93

    The socio-economic impact of renewable energy technologies

    Hayley Myles

    SEEDS 92

    Pressure groups and political forces in Britain's privatisation programme

    Colin Robinson

    SEEDS 91 (PDF)

    Mutual deposit taking: a welfare analysis

    Alistair Milne

    SCIES 98/2

    Bank capital and risk taking

    Alistair Milne and A. Elizabeth Whalley

    SCIES 98/1

    Title Authors Series

    The welfare economics of rural to urban migration: the Harris-Todaro model revisited

    Thomas Krichel and Paul Levine

    ECON 02/97 (PDF)

    Fiscal policy after Maastricht

    Marco Catenaro

    ECON 01/97 (PDF)

    Environmental information and the demand for super unleaded petrol in the UK

    Roger Fouquet

    SEEDS 90

    Monetary union: the ins and outs of strategic delegation

    Paul Levine and Joseph Pearlman

    SCIES 97/6

    Domestic procurement, subsidies and the arms trade

    Mary Carmen Garcia-Alonso and Paul Levine

    SCIES 97/5

    Conditionally, credibility and catalysis: a theory discredited

    Graham Bird

    SCIES 97/4

    How important is sound domestic macroeconomics in attracting capital inflows to developing countries?

    Graham Bird

    SCIES 97/3

    The catalytic effect of lending by the international financial institutions?

    Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands

    SCIES 97/2

    Is Asian growth a threat to the West?

    Paul Levine

    SCIES 97/1

    Title Authors Series

    Contingent fees and litigation settlement

    Neil Rickman

    ECON 09/96

    The arms trade: some theories and econometrics

    Paul Levine, Fotis Mouzakis and Ron Smith

    ECON 08/96

    Are higher long-term unemployment rates associated with higher crime?

    Robert Witt, Alan Clarke and Nigel Fielding

    ECON 07/96

    Common stochastic trends, cycles and sectoral fluctuations: a study of output in the UK

    Anthony Garratt and Richard G. Pierse

    ECON 06/96 (PDF)

    Explaining breast cancer mortality in England: the effect of socio-economic factors and health care services

    Heather Gage and Roger Fouquet

    ECON 05/96 (PDF)

    The role of screening in reducing invasive cervical cancer registrations in England

    Roger Fouquet and Heather Gage

    ECON 4/96

    Crime, regions and the labour market

    Robert Witt, Alan Clarke and Nigel Fielding

    ECON 3/96

    Population health outcome indicators and public health policy formation in England

    Heather Gage and Roger Fouquet

    ECON 2/96

    The level and power of the bootstrap t-test in the trend model with AR(1) errors

    John C. Nankervis and N. E. Savin

    ECON 1/96

    Buffer stock saving with uninsurable income shocks

    Alistair Milne and A. Elizabeth Whalley

    Online 9604

    New analysis of a model of time to build

    Alistair Milne and A. Elizabeth Whalley

    Online 9603

    Dynamic aspect of growth and fiscal policy

    Thomas Krichel and Paul Levine

    Online 9601

    Petrol price asymmetries revisited

    Barry Reilly and Robert Witt

    SEEDS 89

    UK energy policy: findings from two surveys

    Peter J G Pearson and Roger Fouquet

    SEEDS 87

    The effectiveness of conditionality and the political economy of policy reform: is it simply a matter of political will?

    Graham Bird

    SCIES 96/0

    The rise and fall of the SDR: the political economy of an international reserve asset

    Graham Bird

    SCIES 96/9

    Phases of imitation and innovation in a North-South endogenous growth model

    David Currie, Paul Levine, Joseph Pearlman and Michael Chui

    SCIES 96/8

    Independent but accountable: Walsh contracts and the credibility problem

    Ali al-Nowaihi and Paul Levine

    SCIES 96/7

    Does pre-commitment raise growth? Dynamic aspects of growth and fiscal policy

    Paul Levine and Thomas Krichel

    SCIES 96/6

    The arms trade and the stability of regional arms races

    Paul Levine

    SCIES 96/5

    External financing and balance of payments adjusting in developing countries: how to get the right mix

    Graham Bird

    SCIES 96/4

    Can neoliberalism survive in Latin America?

    Graham Bird and Ann Helwege

    SCIES 96/3

    Financing constraints and reordering rules

    Alistair Milne

    SCIES 96/2

    Recidivism and borrowing from the IMF: how to kick the habit

    Graham Bird

    SCIES 96/1

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