Dr Ana Guerberof Arenas

Senior Lecturer in Translation and Multimodal Technologies
PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies


Areas of specialism

human computer interaction, machine translation, translation technology, creativity, translation training, post-editing

University roles and responsibilities

  • Senior Lecturer in Translation and Multimodal Technologies

    My qualifications

    European PhD Translation and Intercultural Studies.
    Grade: Apte “Cum Laude”. Dissertation: “Productivity and quality in the post-editing of outputs from translation memories and machine translation”. Supervisors: Prof. Anthony Pym and Prof. Sharon O’Brien (Dublin City University).
    Universitat Rovira i Virgili
    MA in Translation and Intercultural Studies.
    Grade: Excellent. Minor Dissertation: “Productivity and quality in the post-editing of outputs from translation memories and machine translation”. Supervisors: Prof. Anthony Pym and Dr. Ilse Depraetere (Université Lille III).
    Universitat Rovira i Virgili
    Degree in Translation and Interpreting
    Universidad de Granada

    Previous roles

    2017 - 2019
    EDGE/MSCA Research Fellow
    I obtained a Edge-Marie Curie Research Fellowship in Dublin City University and ADAPT Research Centre to investigate the impact of MT on the final user of translation. The project looked at the correlations between localisation quality and usability on machine and human translated user interface strings using eye-tracking and telemetry.
    Dublin City University/Adapt Centre
    2005 - 2017
    Contract Lecturer (Professora associada)
    I have taught to graduate and undergraduate students:
    Introduction to specialized translation (English to Spanish), Specialized Translation: legal, technical and audio-visual (English to Spanish), Localization, Machine Translation, Post-production, Project Management, Post-editing, Machine Translation project management, Workflows and Selection Processes.

    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Spain.
    2017 - 2017
    Contract Lecturer (Professora associada)
    Localization theory and practice modules.
    Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Spain
    2015 - 2019
    Creative Writing Teacher
    I taught writing and editing skills for literary and technical texts. I was involved in on-line and off-line courses.
    Escola d’Escriptura del Ateneu Barcelonès. Spain
    2012 - 2015
    Director of European Operations
    I managed an international production team with teams in Barcelona, China and the US to complete incoming localization projects to specified quality standards.
    I supported sales internationally in presentations, request for proposals, and customer meetings.
    I coordinated the organization the creation of new solutions: automation, crowd-sourcing and speech transcription.
    I managed the Machine Translation group to create a new workflow for MT projects.
    Pactera International. Barcelona
    2002 - 2012
    Operations Manager
    I coordinated a production team of up to 20 in-house team members including language coordinators, project managers, localization engineering and DTP to complete all incoming projects in Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro.
    Logoscript. Barcelona.
    2001 - 2002
    Vendor Manager
    I recruited and coordinated a pool of external freelancers consistently evaluating the company’s subcontracting capabilities.
    Logoscript. Barcelona
    2000 - 2001
    Resource Manager/Project Manager for Microsoft
    I successfully recruited and trained 60 Language Specialists for more than 18 languages based in Dublin, Ireland, South America, USA, and Europe.
    Lionbridge International (prior Berlitz GlobalNET ). Dublin
    1996 - 2000
    Senior Localizer/Spanish Language Manager
    I recruited and trained new Spanish speaking localizers and vendors.
    I coordinated multilingual projects.
    I translated and edited localization projects for international customers.
    Berlitz GlobalNET, Dublin
    1993 - 1996
    Freelance Translator
    1992 - 1993
    Senior Editor
    Donnelley Language Solutions (currently Lionbridge), Dublin

    Affiliations and memberships

    Translation Technology Research Network
    Grupo de recerca Tradumàtica
    European Association of Machine Translation
    European Society for Translation Studies (EST)

    Business, industry and community links

    Women in Localization
    UK Chapter


    Research interests

    Research projects

    Research collaborations

    I have participated in the following conferences as Keynote Speaker or Speaker:

    1. Conferences
      1. Measuring readers’ engagement in literary texts: a study comparing human translation to machine assisted translation. In 9th Congress of the European Society for Translation Studies. Stellenbosch. 9-13/2019.  Ana Guerberof Arenas and Antonio Toral.
      2. Data and translation — a pretty picture? Translating Europe Forum. European Commission Brussels, 8-9/11/2018. Karim Benammar, Annette Schiller, Christos Ellindes and Ana Guerberof Arenas.
      3. Data sharing - a data market place? Translating Europe Forum. European Commission Brussels, 8-9/11/2018. Muriel Matiussi-Kirchhof, Andrea Losch, Jaap Van Der Meer and Ana Guerberof Arenas.
      4. How is artificial intelligence transforming society and the translation industry? Translating Europe Forum. European Commission Brussels, 8-9/11/2018. Alison B. Lowndes, Rose Luckin, Lucia Specia and Ana Guerberof Arenas.
      5. Working with data – the translator's perspective. Translating Europe Forum. European Commission Brussels, 8-9/11/2018. Tanguy Fauchier, Erik Hansson, Miha Zlicar, Gruffydd Jones, Lucas Nunes Vieria and Ana Guerberof Arenas. 
      6. Correlations between localisation quality and usability of machine and human translated user interface strings: a study using eye-tracking and telemetry. 12th annual Irish Human Computer Interaction conference. Poster. Limerick, Ireland. 02/11/2018. University of Limerick.
      7. Divergent paths: machine and human translation. 1st International e-Conference on Translation. 26-28/09/2018. Universidad de Córdoba – KU Leuven.
      8. Ghost in the Machine: workshop. Out of the box. 2018 EACWP International Pedagogical Conference. Brussels. European Association of Creative Writing Programmes (EACWP). Jessica Foley and Ana Guerberof Arenas.
      9. Translators and Technology, a happy marriage that will end up in a bitter divorce? Translating Europe Workshop Rome. Invited Speaker. Rome. 03-04/05/2018. Università degli studi Internazionali di Roma/European Commission.
      10. Education and the Translators’ future. TAUS QE Summit. Dublin. 03/2018. 
      11. Is Machine Translation post-editing the past? ELIA Together. Berlin. 23-24/02/2017. European Union of Associations of Translation Companies. 
      12. Machine Translation and the Translator. School of Advance Technologies for Translators (SATT). Trento. 09-10/09/2016. Fundazione Bruno Kessler Tipo de entidad.
      13. Teaching Post-editing Round Table. Second International Conference on Research into the Didactics of Translation. Barcelona. 08-09/07/2014. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Barcelona. Garey Massey, Pilar Sánchez Gijón, Fabio Alves, Sharon O'Brien, Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow and Ana Guerberof Arenas. 
      14. In-country review. LocWorld. Dublin. 05-06/06/2014. Localization World LTD. USA. 
      15. Productivity and quality in post-editing. Translation in transition: Between cognition, computing and technology (CRITT-WCRE Conference). Copenhagen, 30-31/01/2014. Copenhagen Business School.
      16. Pactera’s DQF Perspective Presentation. TAUS Quality Evaluation Summit. Dublin. 04/2013. 
      17. The coming of age of Translation Technologies in Translation Studies. First International T3L Conference: Translation Technologies & Localization. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 21-22/06/2011. Rafael Guzmán; Felipe Sánchez; Gerhard Budin; Ana Guerberof Arenas. 
      18. Productivity and quality in the post-editing of outputs from translation memories and machine translation. Translation Automation Conference. Luspio University. 5/04/2011.
      19. Productivity and Quality in MT post-editing. Machine Translation XII Summit. Ottawa. Canada. 26-30/08/2009.
      20. Post-editing MT & TM segments. Localization Industry Standard Association (LISA) Forum. Dublin. Ireland. 12/2008.
      21. Round Table: Standards Impact on the Productivity of Automated Translation Technologies: What works, What doesn't and Why? Localization Industry Standard Association (LISA) Forum. Yves Campollion; Kirti Vashee; Ana Guerberof Arenas. 
      22. Best Practices in Post-Editing MT. Localization World 12. Madison. USA. 10/2008. Contribution: Speaker


    Evaluation and organizing committees

    • European Association of Machine Translation Conference Translation Track Co-Chair. European Association of Machine Translation. 04/2020
    • Machine Translation XVII Summit Translation Track. European Association of Machine Translation. 05/2019
    • Barcelona Symposium 2019. European Association of Creative Writing Schools. 23/04-26/04/2019.
    • Seminar Eye-tracking for researchers. Organizer and trainer. Dublin City University. 03/2019 - 03/2019
    • 21ST Annual Conference EAMT. Translation Track. European Association of Machine Translation.  04/2018.
    • Elia Together Technical Committee. European Language Industry Association. Brussels. 05/04/2017 - 23/02/2018
    • Revista Tradumàtica Evaluation Committee. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 2017 – 2018.
    • Women in Localization. Barcelona Chapter. Organizing Committee. Barcelona. 2016-2017.
    • Organizing Committee Second International T3L Conference: Translation Technologies & Localization. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 11/10/2016.
    • Thesis Defence Johanna Gerlach: Improving Statistical Machine Translation of Informal Language: a Rule-based Pre-editing Approach for French Forums. Université de Genève. Faculté de Traduction et d'Interprétation. Geneva. 03/2015.
    • 17th Annual Conference EAMT User Studies. European Association of Machine Translation 01/09/2014 - 30/09/2014.
    • XIV MT Summit Nice. Post-editing Technology and Practice. 2013
    • AMTA Conference. Post-editing Technology and Practice. 2012


    Postgraduate research supervision

    Postgraduate research supervision

    My teaching

    My publications


    ANA GUERBEROF-ARENAS, Antonio Toral (2022)Creativity in translation: machine translation as a constraint for literary texts, In: Translation Spaces John Benjamins Publishing Company

    This article presents the results of a study involving the translation of a short story by Kurt Vonnegut from English to Catalan and Dutch using three modalities: machine-translation (MT), post-editing (PE) and translation without aid (HT). Our aim is to explore creativity, understood to involve novelty and acceptability, from a quantitative perspective. The results show that HT has the highest creativity score, followed by PE, and lastly, MT, and this is unanimous from all reviewers. A neural MT system trained on literary data does not currently have the necessary capabilities for a creative translation; it renders literal solutions to translation problems. More importantly, using MT to post-edit raw output constrains the creativity of translators, resulting in a poorer translation often not fit for publication, according to experts.

    ANA GUERBEROF-ARENAS, Joss Moorkens, Sharon O’Brien (2021)The impact of translation modality on user experience: an eye‑tracking study of the Microsoft Word user interface, In: Machine Translation Springer

    This paper presents results of the effect of different translation modalities on users when working with the Microsoft Word user interface. An experimental study was set up with 84 Japanese, German, Spanish, and English native speakers working with Microsoft Word in three modalities: the published translated version, a machine translated (MT) version (with unedited MT strings incorporated into the MS Word interface) and the published English version. An eye-tracker measured the cognitive load and usability according to the ISO/TR 16982 guidelines: i.e., effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction followed by retrospective think-aloud protocol. The results show that the users’ effectiveness (number of tasks completed) does not significantly differ due to the translation modality. However, their efficiency (time for task completion) and self-reported satisfaction are significantly higher when working with the released product as opposed to the unedited MT version, especially when participants are less experienced. The eye-tracking results show that users experience a higher cognitive load when working with MT and with the human-translated versions as opposed to the English original. The results suggest that language and translation modality play a significant role in the usability of software products whether users complete the given tasks or not and even if they are unaware that MT was used to translate the interface.

    ANA GUERBEROF-ARENAS, Antonio Toral (2020)The Impact of Post-editing and Machine Translation on Creativity and Reading Experience, In: Translation Spaces

    This article presents the results of a study involving the translation of a fictional story from English into Catalan in three modalities: machine-translated (MT), post-edited (MTPE) and translated without aid (HT). Each translation was analysed to evaluate its creativity. Subsequently, a cohort of 88 Catalan participants read the story in a randomly assigned modality and completed a survey. The results show that HT presented a higher creativity score if compared to MTPE and MT. HT also ranked higher in narrative engagement, and translation reception, while MTPE ranked marginally higher in enjoyment. HT and MTPE show no statistically significant differences in any category, whereas MT does in all variables tested. We conclude that creativity is highest when professional translators intervene in the process, especially when working without any aid. We hypothesize that creativity in translation could be the factor that enhances reading engagement and the reception of translated literary texts.

    Additional publications