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Paraguassu Liana, Zilio Leonardo, Hercules Luis Antonio Leiva, Finatto Maria Jose Bocorny (2020) MedSimples: An Automated Simplification Toolfor Promoting Health Literacy in Brazil,DHandNLP@PROPOR 2020
Zilio Leonardo, Paraguassu Liana Braga, Hercules Luis Antonio Leiva, Ponomarekano Gabriel L., Berwanger Laura P., Finatto Maria Jose Bocorny (2020) A Lexical Simplification Tool for Promoting Health Literacy,1st Workshop on Tools and Resources to Empower People with REAding DIfficulties (READI2020)
This paper presents MedSimples, an authoring tool that combines Natural Language Processing, Corpus Linguistics and Terminologyto help writers to convert health-related information into a more accessible version for people with low literacy skills. MedSimplesapplies parsing methods associated with lexical resources to automatically evaluate a text and present simplification suggestions thatare more suitable for the target audience. Using the suggestions provided by the tool, the author can adapt the original text and makeit more accessible. The focus of MedSimples lies on texts for special purposes, so that it not only deals with general vocabulary, butalso with specialized terms. The tool is currently under development, but an online working prototype exists and can be tested freely.An assessment of MedSimples was carried out aiming at evaluating its current performance with some promising results, especially forinforming the future developments that are planned for the tool.

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