Candice Howarth

Dr Candice Howarth

Senior Lecturer in Sustainability and Climate Communication
PhD, MSc, BSc
+44 (0)1483 689371
51 AP 02



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Out-of-hours: +44 (0)7773 479911
Senate House, University of Surrey
Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH


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Publication highlights


  • Howarth, C. (2017) Telling stories on climate change and low carbon futures: Framing narratives around the UK's fifth Carbon Budget. Special Issue on “Narratives and storytelling in energy and climate change research”, Journal of Energy Research and Social Science
  • Jacobs, R. & Howarth, C. (under review) Perspectives on scale: art/science collaborations across the local and global. Special Issue “Communicating Science & Collaborating for Resilient Solutions to Climate Change”, Intal Jnl Clim Chge: Imp & Resp
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  • Howarth, C., Viner, D., Dessai, S., Rapley, C. & Jones, A. (2017) Co-producing climate change knowledge: incorporating practitioner evidence in the IPCC WGII process. Climate Services
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  • Roberts, T., Hargreaves, T., Butler, C. & Howarth, C. (in prep) Eds. Re-configuring practices for a post carbon world. SAGE/British Sociological Association
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  • Howarth, C. Ed. (2013) Big Challenges, Creative Solutions. Illustrations from the Global Sustainability Institute 2013 Conference. Illustrations by Lukewarm and Design by Creative Warehouse.

Book chapters/sections

  • Howarth, C. & Roberts, B. (in prep) The role of the UK Green Deal in shaping practice for a post-carbon world: insights from two case studies, In Re-configuring practices for a post carbon world. BSA/Sage
  • Hills, D., Uprichard, E., Penn, A., Wilkinson, A., Howarth, C., Gilbert, N. (in prep) Magenta Book Annex on complexity.
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