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Mr Harald Rice


University roles and responsibilities

  • Marking Assistant

    My qualifications

    Geography BSc
    Durham University
    Climate Change: History, Culture, Society MA
    King's College London

    Affiliations and memberships

    The Royal Geographical Society


    In the media

    Winter Sports Face A Double Threat, Climate and Demographic Change 
    Research material on behalf of Protect Our Winters UK
    The Economist


    Research interests


    HARALD RICE, SCOTT ALLEN COHEN, DANIEL JAMES SCOTT, R Steiger (2021)Climate Change Risk in the Swedish Ski Industry, In: Current issues in tourism Routledge

    Tourism industry and government demand for knowledge of the impacts of climate change on ski tourism is growing. Despite the more than 70-year history and large cultural significance of alpine skiing in Sweden, little is known about the industry's future under a changing climate. This study applies the SkiSim2 model with low to high emission scenarios (RCP2.6 to 8.5) to analyse the implications of climate change for ski operations (season length, snowmaking requirements) at 23 alpine ski areas across Sweden for the early, mid, and late 21 st century. Northern areas of Sweden show much less reduction in average season length compared to central and southern Sweden under the high emission mid-(13% versus 58% and 81%) and late-century scenarios (27% versus 72% and 99%). To limit season losses in these scenarios, snow production increases of over 250% are required in all regions. Such increases will create additional financial and environmental stressors, which may lead to the closure of the most at-risk resorts. With greater impacts projected for much of the European Alps ski market, northern Sweden may represent a 'last resort' for the European ski industry under higher emission scenarios by the mid-late 21st century.