Rachel Hu

Rachel Ruijuan Hu


My research project


Ruijuan Hu, Gang Li, Anyu Liu, Jason Li Chen (2022)Emerging Research Trends on Residents’ Quality of Life in the Context of Tourism Development, In: Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research SAGE Publications

Through a systematic review of recent publications on residents’ quality of life (QOL) in relation to tourism development (TD), this study surveys associated dynamics and emerging trends. Several patterns are observed: i) geographic areas of interest have expanded from developed economies to developing economies; ii) an array of theories and concepts have been introduced or merged with classic frameworks; iii) subjective composite approaches have dominated residents’ QOL measurement; and iv) the direct and indirect influences of TD on residents’ QOL constitute a main focus of recent work. Future work can take several directions: i) establishing a conceptual framework to link tourists’ and residents’ perspectives on QOL; ii) combining subjective and objective scales to improve generalizability; iii) employing longitudinal designs with innovative methods to offer insight into the dynamics of the TD–QOL nexus; and iv) investigating QOL/well-being from the eudaimonic tradition to accommodate diversified elements and broader perspectives of QOL.

L Chen, G li, L Zhang, R Hu (2015)Market trends and forecast of Chinese outbound tourism, In: X Li (eds.), Chinese Outbound Tourism 2.0(23) Apple Academic Press

Most tourism programs today have an international component in their curriculum, usually including a global tourism class. This book serves as an excellent supplemental reading for students in these classes.