Athena Swan Gold Award

Academic staff

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Head of school

Roberto La Ragione profile image

Professor Roberto La Ragione

Professor of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology, Head of the School of Biosciences

Academic staff

Kourosh R Ahmadi profile image

Dr Kourosh Ahmadi

Reader in Precision Nutrition

Sarah Allison profile image

Dr Sarah Allison

Lecturer in Health and Exercise Science

Simon N Archer profile image

Professor Simon Archer

Professor of Molecular Biology of Sleep

Professor Josephine Arendt

Emeritus Professor of Endocrinology, Director (ex), Centre for Chronobiology

Mohammad Asim profile image

Dr Mohammad Asim

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Cancer Biology & Therapeutics

Giuseppe Atzori

Senior Sleep Technologist

Claudio Avignone Rossa profile image

Professor Claudio Avignone Rossa

Professor of Systems Microbiology

Mandeep Bajwa

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Head & Neck Surgical Oncology; Consultant Maxillofacial / Head & Neck / Reconstructive Surgeon

Matteo Barberis profile image

Dr Matteo Barberis

Reader in Systems Biology, FHMS Coordinator of Centre for Mathematical and Computational Biology (CMCB), School International Lead

David Bartlett profile image

Dr David Bartlett

Senior Lecturer of Exercise Immunology

Ullrich Bartsch profile image

Dr Ullrich Bartsch

Lecturer in Sleep and Neurodegeneration

Sarah Bath profile image

Dr Sarah Bath

Senior Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition

Dany Beste profile image

Dr Dany Beste

Senior Lecturer in Microbial Metabolism

Kikki Bodman-Smith profile image

Dr Kikki Bodman-Smith

Associate Professor in Immunology

Michael Bushell profile image

Professor Michael Bushell

Emeritus Professor of Microbiology

Patrizia Camelliti profile image

Dr Patrizia Camelliti

Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Molecular Science

Paola Campagnolo profile image

Dr Paola Campagnolo

Senior Lecturer in Molecular Cardiovascular Sciences

Olivier NF Cexus profile image

Dr Olivier Cexus

Principal Investigator (Res.B) in Immunology & Metabolism

Harri Cizmic

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science

Adam Collins profile image

Dr Adam Collins

Associate Professor of Nutrition

Alison Cottell profile image

Dr Alison Cottell

Senior Lecturer in Microbiology

Alexessander Couto Alves profile image

Dr Alex Couto Alves

Lecturer in Bioinformatics and Statistical Genomics

Mark Crabtree profile image

Dr Mark Crabtree

Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Biochemistry

Ayse Demirkan profile image

Dr Ayse Demirkan

Senior Lecturer in AI Multiomics for Health and Wellbeing

Tony Dhillon profile image

Dr Tony Dhillon

Senior Lecturer in Oncology, University of Surrey, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Royal Surrey County Hospital

Derk-Jan Dijk profile image

Professor Derk-Jan Dijk

Professor of Sleep and Physiology, Director Surrey Sleep Research Centre

Sarah Dolman profile image

Sarah Dolman

Lecturer in Biosciences

Ellen Donovan profile image

Dr Ellen Donovan

Visiting Professor

Deborah Dunn-Walters profile image

Professor Deborah Dunn-Walters

Professor of Immunology, Associate Dean Research and Innovation

Gill Elliott profile image

Professor Gill Elliott

Professor of Virology

Dr Ruan Elliott

Associate Dean (Doctoral College); Senior Lecturer in Nutrition

Vince Emery profile image

Professor Vincent Emery

Emeritus Professor of Translational Virology

Ben Field profile image

Dr Ben Field

Associate Professor of Diabetes and Endocrinology

Barbara Fielding profile image

Dr Barbara Fielding

Associate Professor in Nutritional Sciences

Heather Gage profile image

Professor Heather Gage

Professor of Health Economics

André Gerber profile image

Professor Andre Gerber

Professor of RNA Biology

Terri Grassby profile image

Dr Terri Grassby

Lecturer in Food Science

Bruce Griffin profile image

Professor Bruce Griffin

Professor of Nutritional Metabolism

Jorge Gutierrez-Merino profile image

Dr Jorge Gutierrez

Senior Lecturer in Food Microbiology

Kathryn Hart profile image

Dr Kath Hart

Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics

Hana Hassanin profile image

Dr Hana Hassanin

Associate Professor in Translational and Experimental Medicine; Director of Surrey Clinical Research Facility; Director of NIHR Royal Surrey Clinical Research Facility

Christian Heiss profile image

Professor Christian Heiss

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Head of Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, NHS Consultant Interventional Angiology

Suzie Hingley-Wilson profile image

Dr Suzie Hingley-Wilson

Lecturer in Bacteriology

Sam Hopkins profile image

Dr Sam Hopkins

Senior Lecturer

Andrew Hulton profile image

Dr Andrew Hulton

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Sciences

Julie Hunt profile image

Dr Julie Hunt

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Sciences

Caitlin Jeary

Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics

Jonathan Johnston profile image

Professor Jonathan Johnston

Professor of Chronobiology and Integrative Physiology

Dr Marika Kaakinen

Lecturer in Statistical Multi-omics

Silke Kiessling profile image

Dr Silke Kiessling

Lecturer in Chronobiology

Youngchan Kim profile image

Dr Youngchan Kim

Lecturer in Quantum Biology

Ivan Kiskin profile image

Dr Ivan Kiskin

Lecturer in AI for Multimodal Health Monitoring

Helen Lambert profile image

Dr Helen Lambert

Senior Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition

Susan Lanham-New profile image

Professor Susan Lanham-New

Head of the Department of Nutritional Sciences

Long Li profile image

Long Li

Lecturer in Dietetics

Nicolas Locker profile image

Professor Nicolas Locker

Professor of Virology

Steven W Lockley profile image

Professor Steven Lockley

Professor, Vice-Chancellor Fellow

Dr Manavi Maharshi

Research Design Service Adviser (Research Fellow)

Carlos Maluquer de Motes profile image

Dr Carlos Maluquer de Motes

Reader in Molecular Virology

Ralph Manders profile image

Dr Ralph Manders

Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology and Programme Director Sport & Exercise Sciences

Kevin Maringer profile image

Dr Kevin Maringer

Lecturer in Microbiology

Andrea Markou profile image

Dr Andrea Markou

Lecturer in Biosciences

Johnjoe McFadden profile image

Professor Johnjoe McFadden

Professor of Molecular Genetics, Associate Dean (International)

John McVey profile image

Professor John McVey

Head of Department of Biochemical Sciences, Professor of Cardiovascular Biology

Lisiane Meira profile image

Dr Lisie Meira

Lecturer in DNA Damage and Ageing

Agnieszka Michael profile image

Professor Agnieszka Michael

Professor in Oncology , Consultant Medical Oncologist, Medical Director of Surrey CTU

Emily Norris profile image

Emily Norris

Lead Placement Facilitator and Lecturer in Dietetics

Chinyere Okoro profile image

Dr Chinyere Okoro

Lecturer in Bacteriology

Bolanle Oloyede profile image

Dr Bolanle Oloyede

Lecturer in Food Science

Hardev Pandha profile image

Professor Hardev Pandha

Honorary Professor of Urological Oncology

Sneha M. Pinto profile image

Dr Sneha Pinto

Senior Lecturer in Proteomics

Tara Pirie profile image

Dr Tara Pirie

Lecturer in Ecology and Conservation

Adam Pledger

Senior Laboratory Technician - Sport & Exercise Science

Professor Inga Prokopenko

Professor e-One Health and Head of Statistical Multi-Omics

Margaret Rayman profile image

Professor Margaret Rayman

Professor of Nutritional Medicine

Kate Relph profile image

Dr Kate Relph

Project manager

Victoria Revell profile image

Dr Victoria Revell

Associate Professor in Translational Sleep and Circadian Physiology

Natalie Riddell profile image

Dr Natalie Riddell

Senior Lecturer in Immunology and Ageing

Jennifer Ritchie profile image

Dr Jennifer Ritchie

Senior Lecturer in Microbial Pathogenesis

Harry Roberts profile image

Dr Harry Roberts

Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science

Denise Robertson profile image

Dr Denise Robertson

Reader in Nutritional Physiology

Andrea Rocco profile image

Dr Andrea Rocco

Associate Professor (Reader) in Physics and Mathematical Biology

Konstantin Rudometkin

Computational and Data Storage Facility Manager

David Russell-Jones profile image

Professor David Russell-Jones

Vice-Chancellor's Fellow; Diabetes and Endocrinology

Lorenzo Santorelli profile image

Dr Lorenzo Santorelli

Programme Director for Biological Sciences, Senior Teaching fellow in Zoology, Senior Tutor for International Placements

Julie Seibt profile image

Dr Julie Seibt

Senior Lecturer in Sleep and Plasticity

Nick Selemetas profile image

Dr Nick Selemetas

Lecturer in Veterinary Biosciences (DVM, MSc, MSc, PhD, FHEA)

Rachel Simmonds profile image

Professor Rachel Simmonds

Professor of Immunopathogenesis

Debra J. Skene profile image

Professor Debra Skene

Professor of Neuroendocrinology; Section Lead Chronobiology

Simon Skene profile image

Professor Simon Skene

Professor of Medical Statistics

Graham Stewart profile image

Professor Graham Stewart

Head of the Department of Microbial Sciences

Shelini Surendran profile image

Dr Shelini Surendran

Associate Dean International FHMS, Associate Professor in Biosciences

Nicola Swann profile image

Dr Nicola Swann

Senior Personal Tutor, Teaching Fellow

Sarah L Trinder profile image

Dr Sarah Trinder

Director of Learning & Teaching - School of Biosciences, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology

Professor Margot Umpleby

Diabetes & Metabolic Medicine Research

Daan van der Veen profile image

Dr Daan Van Der Veen

Senior Lecturer in Sleep and Chronobiology

Martin Whyte profile image

Dr Martin Whyte

Associate Professor of Metabolic Medicine

James Wild

Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science

James Wild

Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science

Eva Winnebeck profile image

Dr Eva Winnebeck

Lecturer in Chronobiology

Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer profile image

Dr Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer

Reader in Sleep and Circadian Rhythms

Professor Changhao Wu

Professor in Cell Physiology

Qibo Zhang profile image

Dr Qibo Zhang

Senior Lecturer in Immunology

Nicholas de Cruz profile image

Dr Nicholas de Cruz

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Simon de Lusignan profile image

Professor Simon de Lusignan

Professor of Primary Care and Clinical Informatics, and Vice Chancellor's Fellow


Catxere Casacio profile image

Dr Catxere Andrade Casacio

Research Fellow in Experimental Quantum Biology

Nicola Annels profile image

Dr Nicola Annels

Research Fellow

Dr Rona Antoni

Research Fellow in Nutritional Metabolism

Sarah Bailey profile image

Dr Sarah Bailey

Teaching Fellow in Physiology

Dr Zhanna Balkhiiarova

Research Fellow in Statistical Multi-Omics

Khushboo Borah Slater profile image

Dr Khushboo Borah Slater

Visiting research fellow

Dr Jonathan Brown

Senior Teaching Fellow in Nutrition and Food Science

Andrea Darling profile image

Dr Andrea Darling

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Mariana Dineva

Research Fellow

Dr Hermanus Draisma

Research Fellow in Statistical Multi-Omics Modelling and Analysis

Bernadette Egan profile image

Dr Bernadette Egan

Senior Research Fellow/Senior Adviser NIHR Research Design Service South-East/Acting Co-Chair University of Surrey Ethics Committee

Barbara Engel profile image

Dr Barbara Engel

Senior Teaching Fellow in Nutrition and Dietetics

Dr Saeed Farjami

Research Fellow in Mathematical Biology of Cell Differentiation

Veronica Giacintucci profile image

Dr Veronica Giacintucci

Teaching Fellow in Food Science

Matthew Glover profile image

Dr Matthew Glover

Senior Research Fellow in Health Economics

Kiran K G Ravindran profile image

Dr Kiran Kumar Guruswamy Ravindran

Research Fellow in Sleep Physiology and Dementia

Dr Belinda Hall

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Robert Hatch profile image

Robert Hatch

Teaching fellow, Biosciences Foundation

Dr Uy Hoang

Research Fellow

Eleanor Holmes

Teaching Fellow in Nutrition and Dietetics

Dr Louise Tzung-Harn Hsieh

Research Fellow in Host-Pathogen Interactions

Dr Cheryl Isherwood

Research Fellow

Dan Jackson profile image

Dr Daniel Jackson

Senior Research Fellow in Health Economics (part time)

Cecile Jones

Teaching Fellow in Dietetics

Bridget Jones profile image

Dr Bridget Jones

Research Fellow and Health Psychologist

Min Kim profile image

Dr Min Kim

Dean's Research Fellow

David King profile image

Dr David King

Teaching Fellow

Yingrui Li profile image

Yingrui Li

Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow

Xiaoxian Liang profile image

Xiaoxian Liang

Research Fellow in Health Economics

Bingxin Lu profile image

Dr Bingxin Lu

Surrey Future Fellow

Dr Elaina Maldonado

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Benita Middleton

Senior Research Fellow

Lisa Mohebati profile image

Dr Lisa Mohebati

Research Fellow

Federica Orsenigo profile image

Dr Federica Orsenigo

Research Fellow A in Immunology

Giorgia Perri profile image

Dr Giorgia Perri

Research Fellow

Dr Razieh Rafieenia

Postdoctoral research fellow

Dr Tracey Robertson

Research Fellow

Dr Sophie Rocks

Research Fellow

Thalia Rodriguez Garcia profile image

Dr Thalia Rodriguez Garcia

Research Fellow in Mathematical Modelling, Model Data Fusion/Machine Learning

Diana Salgado profile image

Dr Diana Salgado

Research Fellow in Food Safety Risk Assessment

Billy Senington profile image

Dr Billy Senington

Teaching Fellow in Sport and Exercise Science

Dr Guy Simpson

Research Fellow Oncology

Dr Alexander Stewart

Research Fellow in Immunology

Yashwanth Subbannayya profile image

Dr Yashwanth Subbannayya

Dean's Research Fellowship

Dr Mira Sulonen

Research Fellow

Rebecca Sumner profile image

Dr Rebecca Sumner

Senior Research Fellow

Alfred Thumser profile image

Dr Alfred Thumser

Senior Teaching Fellow in Biochemistry

Morro ML Touray profile image

Dr Morro Touray

Research Fellow in Health Economics & Sustainability Fellow

Louise Walker

Teaching Fellow (Dietetics) & Admissions Tutor (Dietetics)

Juliet Wilson profile image

Juliet Wilson

Teaching Fellow in Nutritional Sciences

Dr Saskia Wilson-Barnes

Research Fellow in Nutritional Sciences

Dr Irene Zorzan

Research Fellow

Ciro della Monica profile image

Dr Ciro della Monica

Research Fellow

Johanna von Gerichten profile image

Dr Johanna von Gerichten

Postdoctoral Researcher